My Co-Workers' Fast and Calm Efforts Made All the Difference

2017 Nominees – Wade Petray and Colin Lee Survivor – Jeanne Burkart, Lincoln, NE, 56 at time of event (February 4, 2016) Location of Event – Workplace On the afternoon of February 4, 2016, I was in my cubicle at my place of employment, Crete Carrier Corporation, Lincoln, Nebraska, when without warning, I collapsed and stopped breathing. It was like a switch went off. One minute I was standing in… Read More

I Am So Lucky to Be Here

2017 Nominees – Kevin Marlow Survivor – Judy Marlow, Fowlmere, Hertfordshire, UK, 39 at time of event (February 3, 2014) Location of Event – Home I had returned home from work and was helping my young daughter with homework. When I was sitting at the table, I had a cardiac arrest. My husband, who caught me before I hit the floor and, had never performed CPR before. But he called the emergency… Read More

I Know That I Have A Living Angel in My Wife

2017 Nominee – Rose Lang Survivor – James Lang, Oshkosh, WI, 61 at time of event (May 26, 2016) Location of Event – Home Let me take you back to early 2016. I was (so I thought) a healthy man who ate right, was active, and lived a good life. My wife and I had just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on April 24, 2016. The evening of May 25, 2016 (a little over a month later) after having a… Read More

Tim Did Not Just Save My Heart that Easter Sunday...He Also Saved Our Daughters’ Hearts

2017 Nominee – Tim Webb Survivor – Michelle Webb, Ramsey, NJ, 48 at time of event (April 5, 2015) Location of Event – Home I would like to nominate my husband, Timothy Webb, for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s People Saving People Award. On April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at home while preparing dinner with my family. I was a healthy, fit, 48-year-old woman… Read More

My Son Was My Heartbeat Until EMS Arrived

2015 Nominees – Lori Mullen and Robert Mullen III Survivor – Robert Mullen, Cincinnati, OH, 53 at time of event (June 27, 2013) Location of event – Home On June 27, 2013, I suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and died. For those who do not know, sudden cardiac arrest is not a heart attack. A heart attack is caused by a blockage, whereas sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical system… Read More

Immediate CPR Before EMS Arrival Was the Reason for Joe's Survival

2015 Nominees – Josh and Jess Devou Survivor – Joe Devou, Levant, Maine, 49 at time of event (February 16, 2015) Location of event – Home I am writing to nominate my son and daughter for the People Saving People Award. On February 16, 2015, my husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in our home. Fortunately, due to a swift response from both of my children, he is still alive today. My daughter… Read More

If You Can Fight, Mom, I Want You to Fight

2015 Nominees – Bryce and Tony Smithlin Survivor Kyra Smithlin, Puyallup, Washington, 37 at time of event (December 15, 2012) Location of event – Home The reason why I think Bryce and Tony deserve recognition is because of many reasons. Not only did they save my life, but in a scary situation for not only my husband but for my little 9-year-old son, they worked as a team and I'm so proud of… Read More

It's A Miracle from God, My Husband, Son, and the Dispatcher That I Am Here Today

2015 Nominee – Scott Bertolotto Survivor – Alysha Bertolotto, Custer, South Dakota, 37 (September 21, 2014) Location of event – Home I believe my husband is worthy of the People Saving People Award because he's a great example of an everyday Joe, who could and should know what to do in the event of an emergency. I have a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and so I have an ICD (… Read More

Without a Doubt, My Wife Saved My Life

2015 Nominee – Kathie Brauchla Survivor – Gary Brauchla, Pearce, Arizona, 68 at time of event (September 29, 2012) Location of event – Home If it weren’t for my wife, Kathie Brauchla, September 29, 2012, would have been the date etched on my tombstone. I was asleep in my rural home in Pearce, Arizona, about 90 miles from Tucson when I went into cardiac arrest at age 68. Kathie was awoken by my… Read More

I Can Think of No More Important Role Than to Save Someone's Life

2015 Nominee – Billy Griggs Survivor – Paul Wylie, Charlotte, NC, 50 at time of event (April 21, 2015) Location of event – Outdoor running workout My name is Paul Wylie. I am a husband, father of three young children, a coach, and figure skater. As an Olympic Silver medalist, I know well what it means to work hard, really hard. I have performed in countless high-pressure situations. Yet, I can… Read More