2022 Newsletters

July 21: Defibrillators added to FDA's list of device shortages. AED supply disruption reflects both surging demand and problems.

June 30: Remembering Dr. Guy Knickerbocker, CPR pioneer. It is estimated he has saved 25,000,000 lives.

June 16: Only six out of 10 adults feel comfortable taking charge and giving CPR. Less than half of all people who have a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital receive CPR.

June 2: Call-Push-Shock Partners urge the public to learn CPR and how to use AEDs to help save lives

May 26: Requiring CPR/AED training in schools can improve OHCA survival rates. Researchers found higher rates of bystander CPR/AED use in states with education laws enacted.

May 12: Drones to the rescue. Drone delivered defibrillators could save lives.

April 28: Recalled experiences surrounding death. More than hallucinations?

April 14: Can Sudden Cardiac Arrest be predicted? See the latest research!

March 31: The experiences and needs of families of comatose patients after cardiac arrest and severe neurotrauma. The perspectives of national key stakeholders during an NIH-funded workshop

March 3: AHA releases 2022 Heart and Stroke Statistics. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation provides summary.

February 17: AEDs are a crucial lifesaving tool. Why doesn't every U.S. school have one?

February 2: Three facts that can help save lives

January 13: A medical first!

2021 Newsletters

December 30: We are almost there.

December 28: Only a few days left

December 23: Make a difference today

December 17: And the winners are...

November 29, 2021: Help us improve the odds of survival

November 23: Counting our blessings and counting on you

November 18: Mary Newman receives AHA Resuscitation Science Champion Award

October 29: Think Halloween is scary? Consider Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

October 14: Help us honor those we've lost

October 7: Join our 15th Anniversary Celebration

September 30: Announcing National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

September 9: Drones to the rescue

August 25: Reminder: Caregivers and family members, there's still time to participate in the Columbia University research study

August 19: You're invited to the nation's premier gathering of SCA survivors, families and rescuers

August 17: How Covid-19 can affect student athletes' hearts

August 5: Avive Solutions unveils its new AED

August 3:  Caregivers invited to participate in Columbia University research study

July 27: Are you struggling to adjust after sudden cardiac arrest?

July 15: Lessons learned from the case of Christian Eriksen

June 10: Wisconsin Public Radio helps raise awareness

May 26: 21 years of memories that might not have been

May 25: CALME Study research opportunity

April 29: Proof that a mandatory AED can save a life

April 22: High school student, Kaitlin Ryan, saves her father's life on Tampa area golf course

April 14: Take a step for survival!

March 31: Understanding the value of AEDs at home

March 17: The Sixth Link

February 24: Together we can save more lives

February 10: Happy Heart Month!

January 27: Celebrating 15 years!

January 13: Happy New Year!

2020 Newsletters

December 31: Thank you for your support!

December 30: Your gift saves lives!

December 29: Let's save more lives!

December 23: Happy heartfelt holidays!

December 17: 66 years later, survivor is still going strong

December 4: Calling all survivors!

December 1: Three ways your gift makes a difference this #GivingTuesday

November 24: Counting our blessings and counting on you

November 19: Have extra CPR precautions affected survival?

November 5: Can genetic testing reveal more cardiomyopathies?

October 22: Taking cookie sales to heart

October 9: Join our fight against death today!

October 2: Help us kick off our campaign for SCA survival

September 24: A game changer?

September 10: What COVID is doing to the heart

August 27: Is sudden cardiac arrest really sudden?

August 13: Can college athletes compete after COVID?

July 30: Most adults with COVID-19 have heart damage after recovery

July 16: Broken heart syndrome on the rise during pandemic

June 30: Cardiac arrest cases surge due to COVID-19

June 18: Low COVID infection risk from bystander CPR

June 4: Organizations unite during National CPR-AED Awareness Week

May 28: Connect with other survivors and families

May 21: Home is where the heart is. Maybe an AED should be there too.

May 7: At-home cardiac arrests spike during Covid-19

May 5: Donate today, #GivingTuesdayNow, for a chance to win an AED!

April 30: #GivingTuesdayNow: Please save the date

April 23: The new pandemic threat

April 9 (2): This just in: CPR guidance during COVID-19

April 9: Mysterious heart damage befalling Covid-19 patients

March 26: How to reduce COVID-19 transmission during resuscitation

March 12: ACC issues COVID-19 clinical guidance

February 27: Don't call it a heart attack!

February 13: Sudden cardiac arrest survivorship: There's more to the story

January 30: AHA releases latest Heart & Stroke statistics

January 9: How to save 1000s of lives a year

2019 Newsletters

December 19: Announcing the winner of our People Saving People Award

December 5: Is the fate of cardiac arrest victims determined before EMS arrival?

November 21: Can you be sued for giving CPR?

November 6: Is physical activity always good for the heart?

October 22: How to save at least 14% more lives in a year

October 8: It's October: Time to take action

September 26: Can strategic AED placement save more lives?

September 10: This simple act is lowering sports-related sudden cardiac death

August 29: Sudden cardiac arrest in Chicago: No longer a death sentence

August 16: Predicting sudden cardiac death in children

July 30: Understanding the risks for sudden cardiac arrest among athletes — but not overstating them

July 16: Was sudden cardiac death due to an undetected heart attack?

June 25: Alexa, check my heart

June 13: Don't believe me? Just watch!

May 30: Are you part of this national movement?

May 16: Are airport body scanners safe for implanted cardiac devices?

May 2: The quest to double survival

April 18: Does consciousness continue after the heart stops?

April 4: New research shows this intervention saves lives

March 21: Cardiac arrest: third leading cause of health loss

March 7: Sudden cardiac arrest in young people...Why?

February 21: 70,000 additional lives saved

February 7: Shocking! Only 6% of cardiac arrrest victims are treated outside hospitals with AEDs used by bystanders

January 24: Want to save more lives? Let's speak with one voice.

January 9: Fixing the AED shortage

2018 Newsletters

December 19: Christmas: A High-Risk Time for Heart Attacks

December 12: 1,000 Reasons Why

December 4: Brothers, 7 and 10, Save Grandmother's Life with CPR

November 27: 1,000 Reasons Why

November 16: Dispatch-Assisted CPR: Improving the Odds of Survival

November 1: Researchers Discover New Marker to Assess Brain Damage After Cardiac Arrest

October 16: The Serious Fright Lurking in Our Communities

October 4: Call-Push-Shock To Save a Life

September 20: We Should Be Better Prepared. These Are Our Kids.

September 6: For the Love of Football

August 23: The Time to Act is Now

August 9: Screening Fails to Predict Most Heart Deaths in Young Soccer Players

July 24: A Vacation Could Save Your Life

July 10: Do On-Site Defibrillators Make a Difference?

June 26: Sudden Cardiac Arrest or Opiod Overdose?

June 19: Hey, Macarena

June 5: Imagine the Possibilities

May 31: Call. Push. Shock.

May 22: Exposure to Air Pollution Can Trigger Sudden Cardiac Death in Women

May 8: Unacceptable

April 24: New Guidance Issued for Treating Cardiac Arrest in Children with Heart Disease

April 12: Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Idiopathic or Under-Evaluated?

March 21: Wearable Defibrillator Reduces All Cause Mortality by a Third

February 27: Cardiac Arrest Survival Doubles When Bystanders Use AEDs Before EMS Arrival

February 15: A Save of Olympic Proportions

February 1: AHA Releases Latest Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

January 18: Cardiac Arrest Survivors Have Trouble Returning to Work, Social Life

January 4: The Year in Review

2017 Newsletters

December 29: Are You Ready to Go to the Wall?

December 26: Together We Can Save More Lives

December 21: Our Wish for You

December 12: Creating a Culture of Action

November 28: Why Are These People Smiling?

November 16: Sexual Activity and Cardiac Arrest

October 31: MRIs Predicting Neurological Outcomes for Survivors: Is This Game Changer?

October 17: It's Official!

October 3: Rocker Tom Petty Dies from Cardiac Arrest

September 19: Defibrillation: A Shocking Update

September 5: Nine in 10 Cardiac Arrest Victims Survive in Sports Centers Equipped with AEDs

August 22: High School Sports Safety: How Does Your State Rank?

August 8: 37 States and Counting...

July 25: How to Double the Number of Cardiac Arrest Survivors

July 11: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Want You!

June 20: Can Drones Improve Response Times for Cardiac Arrest?

June 6: What Nicole Kidman Would Like You to Know

May 23: Working Toward a National Cardiac Arrest Collaborative

May 12: You're Invited!

May 11: Walk the Walk

May 9: Can Sudden Cardiac Arrest Be Predicted?

May 2: Take a Step for Survival!

April 25: Have You Checked Your Defibrillators?

April 11: Are You Afraid?

March 28: Coffee, Cash and Cardiac Care

March 15: Sudden Cardiac Arrest A Show Stopper: Adele Interrupts Concert for Fan

March 1: Amazing Save Caught on Camera

February 15: 1,000 People a Day Suffer SCA in the USA

January 27: The Latest Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

January 12: Heads Up CPR: Can It Help?

2016 Newsletters

December 31: Have you been personally affected by SCA?

December 21: We're Finally at a Tipping Point

November 17: SCA Is Not on Consumers' Radar

November 10: Why Doesn't Everyone Do Telephone CPR?

October 27: The Aftermath of Cardiac Arrest Survival

October 6, 2016: Dispatcher Coaching Doubles Rate of Bystander CPR

September 21: Today's the Day!

September 16: A Superior Success!

September 8: Creating a New Generation of Lifesavers

August 30: You're Invited to a Superior Evening...Tomorrow!

August 24: You're Invited to a Superior Evening!

August 11: SCA Foundation Video to Debut on Big Screen

July 21: The Need is Great...It's Time to Act

June 30: FIrst Annual Fire on Ice Charity Classic a Success!

June 23: How Can a Healthy Young Person Just Drop Dead?

June 9: It's About Time

May 20: 32 States and Counting...

May 12: Two Days Till the 5K. Join or Support Our Team Today.

May 5: Take a Step for Survival. Join or Support Our Team Today.

April 27: Help Raise Awareness on the Day of Giving, May 3rd

April 21: National Academies to Hold Public Workshop on SCA

April 1: SCA vs. Heart Attack: What You Need to Know

March 17: March Madness: Wins and Losses

March 3: Flight Delayed? Take Five Minutes to Learn CPR

February 3: Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not be So Sudden

January 14: CPR Saves Lives: 2,500 People Just Told Us So

2015 Newsletters

December 28: You Can Save a Life. Donate Today. (See video)

December 21: You Can Save a Life. Donate Today. (See video)

November 19: HIghlights from AHA Scientific Sessions

November 5: Awake or Not Awake: That is the Question

October 15: American Heart Association Issues New CPR and ECC Guidelines

September 24: Saving Lives in Schools

September 4: CPR Isn't Always a Lifesaver, But It Plays One on TV

August 6: Loss of a Legend

July 23: Heel CPR: A Giant Step for Resuscitation?

July 7: SCA: The Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

June 19: How to Double SCA Survival Rate

June 4: 7 Things You Should Know About Sudden Cardiac Arrest

May 22: Keeping the Beat...A Capella Style

April 24: Middle-Aged Athletes and the Risk of Sudden Death

April 14: Let's Change This

April 1: Predicting Cardiac Arrest Hours to Days in Advance

March 27: Take a Step for Survival

March 10: The Most Significant Advance Since Defibrillation

February 5: Webinar Today on FDA Reclassification of AEDs

January 9: AHA Releases New Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

2014 Newsletters

December 31: Last Day to Give in 2014

December 23: Let's Change This!

December 16: One Celebration, Nine Families Planning Funerals

December 2: Help Raise Awareness | #Giving Tuesday

December 1: Help Raise Awareness. Go Shopping.

November 26: Thinking of You with Gratitude

November 21: Loss of a Hollywood Legend

November 14: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...

October 9: The Other Big Cause

September 25: To Screen or Not to Screen

September 10: The Rush to Save Joan Rivers

August 22: Institute of Medicine Takes on Cardiac Arrest

August 8: AED Readiness Project Aims to Save Lives

July 24: The Four R's: Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Resuscitation

June 26: ECCU: A Celebration of Survival

May 23: The World's Highest Survival Rate

May 13: You're invited! 

May 8: Walk the Walk

May 6: Today's the Day!

May 2: Racing Death: How Can Runners Be Saved from SCA

April 29: Two Ways You Can Help 

April 9: Simple Blood Test Could Predict SCA Risk

March 20: ECCU: A Celebration of Survival

March 7: Know a School That Can Use an AED?

February 26: Take a Step for Survival: Join or Support Our Team

February 20: Latest Stats: 1,000 People a Day Die from SCA

January 24, 2014: Young Survivor's Family Pays It Forward

January 9: The Top Scientific Advance for SCA in 2013

2013 Newsletters

December 31: Help Make a Difference with a Tax-Deductible Donation

December 28: Help Us Continue to "Make A Difference"

December 18: Making a Difference...With Your Help

December 3: Today's the Day!

November 27: Thinking of You with Gratitude

November 21: Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not Be So Sudden

November 7: SCA Foundation Recognized as 2013 Top-Rated Nonprofit

October 25: Survival Improves When Police Use Defibrillators

October 8: Bystander Saves a Life with Hands-Only CPR

October 3: Today's the Day. Please Take a Minute Now to Help.

September 30: Save the Date: October 3

September 20: Is Your Student Safe?

August 27: National AED Investigation Yields Key Insights

August 22: AEDs: A Shocking Shortage

July 30: Deadline July 31

July 24: Now That Was Easy!

July 12: Save Money, Save Lives

July 3: Save, Love, Give

June 24: Help Save Lives. Contact the FDA Before Midnight.

June 7: Will Voices Crying in the Wilderness Be Heard?

May 24: Seriously. You Deserve a Cape.

May 16: Raising Awareness about the Nation's Leading Killer: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

May 10: AED Industry in for a Jolt?

May 6: Just 12 Days Left!

April 30: Missing the Forest for the Trees

April 4: Support Our Team and You Could Win an AED

March 28: Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

March 8: It Takes a Village to Save a Life

February 15: Too Many Student Athletes are Dying

January 10: Dinner Can Wait

2012 Newsletters

December 28: Help Support Programs that Make a Difference

December 21: Seasons Greetings

December 14: We Wish You Peace

November 21: If Not For You...

November 16: Use of AEDs in the Home Saves Lives

November 3: Help Keep AEDs Accessible: Take Action Today

October 19: Four Recent Cases of Sudden Death on Campus

October 5: A Time for Joy

October 3: Thank you!

October 3: Today Is the Day!

September 28: Make a Difference on Wednesday, October 3

August 28: Discover Your Peers and Find Support

August 7: Vollmer Wins Gold Medal Despite Heart Condition

July 10: Honor Your Heroes

June 29: I Really Did Not Expect to Cry

June 5: SCA Survivors Unite!

May 24: It Took Six Months But We Finally Did It

May 18: Let's Go Team!

May 15: Life's Wonderful Moments and Milestones

May 11: Take a Step for Survival with Susan Koeppen

May 8: Please Join Our Team on May 19th

May 4: Will High Profile Cases Help Raise Awareness?

April 26: Take a Step for Survival: Join Our Team

April 6: If You Have an AED Are You Obligated to Use It?

March 20: UK Premier League Footballer Survives SCA

February 29: Join KDKA News Anchor Susan Koeppen: Register Today.

February 24: Calling All Survivors

February 14: Send a Last-Minute Gift