All because she stopped

I was home mowing my lawn. My wife was on her way to a funeral. I don’t remember anything so this is what I was told. I was thankfully in my front yard when my SCA happened. I was laying on the ground when my neighbor and her two young boys drove by and saw me. Ewa jumped out of her car and ran over and saw I wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat. She started CPR and yelled for help. Someone… Read More

He saved not one life, but two

I would like to nominate my husband, Kyle Hayes for the People Saving People Award. His quick actions not only saved my life, but our son’s life on November 9, 2017 after I suffered a cardiac arrest while 30 weeks pregnant. The day started completely normal and my pregnancy had been perfect up to that point. That evening, after Kyle, our 3-year-old son, Matthew, and I returned home, I carried… Read More

She is a true blessing

Altruistic, selfless, self-sacrificing, amazing and my saving grace are only a few words that describe my hero Sarah Van Roekel who saved my life. I am honored to nominate her for the People Saving People Award. My name is Ed Kosiec. March 12th, 2019 was a typical morning for me. I had run 10 miles to start the day and worked on strength training afterwards. I had been on a pretty active… Read More

Be Like Bill

2017 Nominee – Bill Schlies Survivor – Jeff Utzinger, Carmel, IN, 46 at time of event (June 20, 2017) Location of Event – Neighborhood My name is Jeff Utzinger and I would like to nominate Bill Schlies for the People Saving People Award. On June 20th, 2017, I collapsed in sudden cardiac arrest while out for a morning run in my neighborhood, an activity I do very regularly, ironically, to… Read More

His Quick Actions Clearly Saved My Life, and Possibly My Intellect

2017 Nominee – Sherif Badawy, MD Survivor – Gary Schiller, MD, Los Angeles, CA, 56 at time of event (December 6, 2015) Location of Event – 5K Run in Orlando, FL Please accept my nomination of Sherif Badawy, MD, Attending Physician, Hematology/Oncology; Instructor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Sherif was among 900 individuals participating in a 5K run… Read More

She Was Not Only My Hero, She Was An Inspiration to the Miners!

2017 Nominee – Carole Puryear Survivor – Connie Branson, Madisonville, KY, 57 at time of event (January 4, 2017) Location of Event – Country Road My name is Connie Branson, and I would like to nominate Carole Puryear for the 2017 SCA People Saving People Award because she saved my life on January 4, 2017. This morning started off like nearly every morning – Carole and I got up early to get our… Read More

Theresa's CPR Kept Me Alive

2017 Nominee – Theresa Paulsen Hayes Survivor – Mike Neubauer, San Francisco CA, 70 at time of event (January 1, 2015) Location of Event – Parking Lot at Mall I don’t remember any of these details. My memory loss begins about one week before and three weeks after the SCA. The story was told to me by my wife, Mia. It has been two and a half years since the cardiac arrest. I am 72 and back to work… Read More

In the Blink of An Eye, Our Lives Changed

2017 Nominee – Debbie Freed Survivor – Brian Freed, Bloomington, MN, 54 at time of event (September 5, 2012) Location of Event – Home Prior to September of 2012 my life was typical. I was 54 years old, married, and always had an excuse as to why I had not quit smoking or gotten any exercise, except for square dancing, which I love to do. You would think I should have feared dying from a smoking-… Read More

His Saving of Young Lives Was Returned to Him by His Chain of Rescuers

2017 Nominees – Steven Weis, Paul Crist, Richard Sammons, Scott Shinsky, David Carey Survivor – Vincent Taylor, 60 at time of event (May 18, 2017) Location of Event – Watercraft accident, Frog Mortar Creek, Baltimore County, MD The following is a memo from Chief Shane K. Pule Sr. to fire department personnel It is my request that all parties involved receive appreciation for their roles in the… Read More

My Daughter, Alicia, Is My Hero. I Attribute Her Valor to Her Military Training

2017 Nominee – Alicia Murgolo Survivor – Donna Eldridge, Wilmington, DE, 60 at time of event (January 31, 2013) Location of Event – Daughter's home in Lakenheath, England On December 6, 2012, I moved to Lakenheath, UK, to live with my daughter Alicia, who was stationed there because she was part of an Air Force family. I had had a heart attack six months before this move, which required a stent.… Read More