Eligible nominees are individuals who helped save the life of an SCA victim, but had no work-related duty to respond to the victim. Lifesaving actions could include one or more of the following: Calling 9-1-1, providing CPR or chest compressions, using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Nominees follow.

Theodore Kauffman (plus Serena Kauffman, Rhiannon Kauffman & Holden Greene)

The Kauffman's

I owe my current life, physically, mentally and emotionally to the swift and dedicated actions of my family. I am a high school principal and my husband, Ted, is a math & science teacher. My husband was re-certified in CPR & AED use as part of his school staff training to start the new school year the week before my cardiac arrest. My eldest daughter, Rhiannon (19), a life guard, and her friend Holden (19), a Whitewater Raft Guide, were also recently trained that summer three months before the incident. My youngest daughter Serena at age 15 had just recently returned from an abroad exchange program in Brazil. She lived in Nova Fribrugo, a town that in January 2011, was devastated by floods and mudslides killing hundreds and evacuating most of the population, so she also understood the importance of first-responders to a scene. Our youngest Rio, age nine slept peacefully in his room.

Stephen Gaylord Rich

Stephen & Tina

Because of my husband's quick actions and his willingness to do something about my collapse in front of him, I am alive today. Without his performing CPR and artificial respirations, I wouldn't be here today. This event occurred at the end of a very long, busy day working outside for both of us. He could have given up, he could have panicked, but he didn't. He had the presence of mind to start CPR, call 911 and to keep working on me until the paramedics arrived 15 minutes later. As I was in the hospital for two weeks following my event, my husband made medical decisions for me, kept my family and friends informed of my progress and continued to care for our two-year-old son. In addition, when I was moved to a hospital over an hour away from home, he continued to drive everyday and sometimes two times a day to be by my side and to help me understand what was happening to me and to advocate for me.

Bianca Weber

Stefan & Bianca

My daughter, Bianca Weber, joined the Chatham Emergency Squad shortly after her 16th birthday and has now been an EMT for three years. Bianca is also a sophomore nursing major at The College of New Jersey, where she is the crew chief on the Tuesday night EMS crew. Bianca has donated much of her time to helping others in emergency situations, however her calm and swift decisions on July 4, 2012, are commendable and worthy of recognition.

Brian Hutchins

Brian Hutchins

On August 15, 2011, Delores DuMond, a 77-year-old woman from Hudson, NY, was enjoying lunch at the Beekman Arms Restaurant, in Rhinebeck, NY. When she suddenly fell into sudden cardiac arrest, her life was saved by bystanders who called 911, performed CPR and utilized an AED on site to save her life. The victim was conscious before the ambulance arrived.

While an employee called 911, an unidentified nurse in the restaurant began CPR and restaurant patron, Brian Hutchins, Rhinebeck, NY, utilized an AED located on site at the Beekman Arms to deliver the lifesaving shock.

Ron Noe, Ray Trevino, & Captain Frank Meyer

Capt Matt Taylor

I am pleased to nominate the team of FAA Inspector Ron Noe, FAA Inspector Ray Trevino, American Airlines pilot Captain Frank Meyer and a second, unidentified, American Airlines pilot for the People Saving People Award. Though they had not worked together as a team prior to the sudden cardiac arrest that Capt. Matt Taylor suffered, they immediately worked together to give Capt. Taylor a “second chance at life”!

Ron and Ray are Aviation Safety Inspectors in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They are not trained medical personnel and their job does not require them to perform CPR or use an AED. But, when FAA offered CPR/AED training at their facility through a contract with Emergency University, they volunteered. They invested about 3 ½ hours in the training.

Scott Harden, Pete Walka, Ron Knoll

Kathie Reilly

I would like to nominate Scott Harden, who was my husband at the time, that I fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest. I would also like to nominate Pete Walka (Battalion Chief) and his crew with Guardian Medical Transport, Ron Knoll (our neighbor) and the 911 dispatcher (Kim). Our lives changed forever on Tuesday, November 18, 2008. I was 33 years old, a teacher, and a mother of 2. I went into cardiac arrest while sleeping at our home in Bellemont, AZ, about 12 miles west of Flagstaff. Scott recognized the "gasping"; being trained in 1st responders he began sternum rubs and then chest compressions.

Mark Miller

Mark, Jenna & Kaylee Miller

My husband Mark and I were married July 26, 2008. We were recent college grads, in love, and ready to start our life together. Little did we know how challenging the road ahead would be. Soon after our wedding we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Kaylee. We were ecstatic and looked forward to her arrival. A few months after Kaylee’s birth I noticed that I was feeling extremely fatigued, had a noticeable loss of appetite, and persistent heart palpitations. Of course I chalked most of my symptoms up to being a new mom running on little sleep. I eventually decided to have an echocardiogram performed since I did have a history of mitral valve prolapse.

Rita Casper, Maura Eisenhood

Daniel Grecoe

I was in the gym with a friend at around 6:15AM on September 19th when I was struck down with an SCA. During the incident I bit off a piece of my tongue and was bleeding from the mouth. None of the people who stepped forward to help me knew anything about me, other than they had perhaps seen me there before. Not a single one of my rescuers ,Rita, Maura or Richard (whom I've not had contact with per his wishes), hesitated for a second when I was in critical need of their assistance.

I realize you will receive dozens of nominees. To both myself and my family the nominees I've put forward will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds. Their true selflessness deserves to be recognized. Read Dan’s story here and as reported in the press here

James Collins, Jhorman Gomez, John (Jay) Richardson, Mike Johnson

James Collins, Jhorman Gomez, Ken Kowalchuk, and John (Jay) Richardson.

These four gentlemen deserve this special recognition, due to their willingness to get involved to save their co-worker’s life. Mr. Jhorman Gomez related that about one month prior to Mr. Kowalchuk’s cardiac arrest, he was aware of another employee that was observed sitting in a chair for a prolonged period of time. When someone finally checked on him he was unresponsive. Jhorman states that Fire Rescue was called but no one did anything until EMS was on the scene. He states he watched the paramedics perform CPR, but unfortunately this co-worker did not survive. Jhorman vowed he would take action if anything like this happened again.

Ron Servicky

The Servicky Family

It is my pleasure to nominate Ron Servicky for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s People Saving People award. Ron showed incredible strength and courage when his mother collapsed while eating lunch with her husband in the kitchen of their Charlotte, NC home on November 8, 2011.
Helen Servicky stopped breathing and suddenly slumped over in her chair at the table. Her husband witnessed the arrest and yelled for the couple’s son, Ron to help.

Ron, a location manager for a national television show, was not supposed to be in town that day—however filming had wrapped early that week, and he just happened to be at home. He ran to help his father, and the two men got Helen onto the floor. Ron started giving her rescue breaths while his dad called 911, then passed the phone to Ron. It was an incredibly emotional situation, with both men doing their best to get Helen back.

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