Claude Kalev

I would like to nominate my rescuer, Claude [and Cathy] Kalev for the People Saving People award. Claude happen to be nearby when I was a victim of SCA. He had no formal training in CPR but had heard his wife ( a nurse ) describe the procedure at the dinner table many times. I'm a 55-year-old man who stays in good shape, exercises regularly and had no history of heart problems. I was at work in… Read More

Matt Graham & Dennis Downs

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Runyon Sports Complex in Pueblo, CO, two field managers were prepping a baseball field using "squeegees" to push water off the infield after a rain storm. This complex consists of seven baseball fields where many tournaments are held all summer. A 67-year-old man came to help from the stands and suddenly collapsed in arrest. Matt Graham, one of groundsmen,… Read More