Beyond saving me, she saved our family

It was a Saturday morning like any other. We were home and getting ready for the day. The kids were all upstairs playing, and my wife and I were in the bathroom having an animated discussion, something about finances. At the height of our debate, I told her (but I do not remember this) that I was going to pass out. I was in cardiac arrest, not breathing and without a pulse. Apparently, I wasn’t… Read More

The first hero enables others to become heroes, too

My wife's parents are 67-years-old and have lived with us the 10 years of our marriage together. I call them Mama and Baba. Daily, they help us to raise our two children, to cook, to clean, to do laundry, and Baba has been renovating our home in Ann Arbor. Last summer, our project was to add a deck and landscaping on the back side of the house. They are both incredibly energetic and hard working… Read More

A decision to act made all the difference

It was June 15, 2019. Bill and Juliana Schirmer were supposed to go to Yosemite, but at the last minute, they decided to stay local. As they drove by the scene where Al lay unresponsive on the ground, they could have kept going, but instead, they chose to turn around to help. Their actions were the first in a chain of events that saved Al’s life. Al's story is quite amazing. Al is a competitive… Read More

High school track star saved by coach and sheriff deputy

Greydon Fischer, one of our sophomore track athletes, collapsed during practice on April 12th. He was having what appeared to be a seizure when Coach Kurt Anderson was able to get to him from across the track. Coach Anderson said once Greydon stopped seizing, he noticed Greydon was not breathing. Coach Anderson immediately started chest compressions on Greydon as some of his teammates ran for the… Read More

Thanks to Jake's decisive actions and a Project ADAM AED, his friend survived and is doing well

Since I wasn’t present at the event, I will let Jake describe what happened. “I have always participated in athletics and spend every Wednesday evening playing pick-up basketball with my friends at a local school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We’re a very average group of men, all in our early 30s, but one Wednesday night pick-up basketball game turned out to be “not-so-average.” When we were about… Read More

Without bystander help, I would be another statistic in the sudden cardiac death column

On Wednesday, July 29th, 2015, I boarded SWA flight #898 in Las Vegas, NV, and departed for Boise, ID, for a business meeting. My flight arrived at 5:25 pm. As I headed for the baggage claim, I noticed that I became slightly lightheaded. There were four seats along the right wall of the concourse. When I took a couple of steps I felt my lightheadedness increase and decided to sit down. I was… Read More

High school CPR training comes in handy

After attending a baseball game in Detroit, I was walking back to my car with my daughters. We came upon a scene where a homeless gentleman was frantic and another homeless gentleman was laying on the ground. The first gentleman said he is dead. We could see that he was not moving nor breathing. Another bystander (unknown name but declared he has medical training) and my daughter (who works in a… Read More

If not for my 15-year-old son's persistence, I would certainly have died that day

I was a 52-year-old practicing physician and soccer mom. I had no cardiac risk factors and was thin and fit. I thought I was perfectly healthy when I woke up one Saturday morning and was getting ready to drive my 15-year-old son Eli to a soccer tournament. I was drying my hair when I suddenly had very severe pain which felt like something tearing in my chest. I thought it was… Read More

Last summer I almost lost him

My memory is limited about the event, but I do know that I would not be here if Amy was not with me when I went down. So, I will let Amy describe what happened. “Michael is my partner of 17 years. Last summer I almost lost him. He had come inside after watering the plants on a hot summer day. He looked at me and began gasping. Then he fell on the floor. At first, I was unsure if he was choking… Read More

A guardian angel walking the earth

On March 28, 2019, my husband, Richie, went to play deck hockey, as he has a few times a week for as long as I have known him. He was 38-years-old and perfectly healthy. He exercised regularly, ate well, worked at a job that he loved, and didn't smoke. We are high school sweethearts, have two kids, and the picture-perfect life. The story I would hear later was that Richie didn't feel well… Read More