Theresa's CPR Kept Me Alive

2017 Nominee – Theresa Paulsen Hayes Survivor – Mike Neubauer, San Francisco CA, 70 at time of event (January 1, 2015) Location of Event – Parking Lot at Mall I don’t remember any of these details. My memory loss begins about one week before and three weeks after the SCA. The story was told to me by my wife, Mia. It has been two and a half years since the cardiac arrest. I am 72 and back to work… Read More

In the Blink of An Eye, Our Lives Changed

2017 Nominee – Debbie Freed Survivor – Brian Freed, Bloomington, MN, 54 at time of event (September 5, 2012) Location of Event – Home Prior to September of 2012 my life was typical. I was 54 years old, married, and always had an excuse as to why I had not quit smoking or gotten any exercise, except for square dancing, which I love to do. You would think I should have feared dying from a smoking-… Read More

His Saving of Young Lives Was Returned to Him by His Chain of Rescuers

2017 Nominees – Steven Weis, Paul Crist, Richard Sammons, Scott Shinsky, David Carey Survivor – Vincent Taylor, 60 at time of event (May 18, 2017) Location of Event – Watercraft accident, Frog Mortar Creek, Baltimore County, MD The following is a memo from Chief Shane K. Pule Sr. to fire department personnel It is my request that all parties involved receive appreciation for their roles in the… Read More

My Daughter, Alicia, Is My Hero. I Attribute Her Valor to Her Military Training

2017 Nominee – Alicia Murgolo Survivor – Donna Eldridge, Wilmington, DE, 60 at time of event (January 31, 2013) Location of Event – Daughter's home in Lakenheath, England On December 6, 2012, I moved to Lakenheath, UK, to live with my daughter Alicia, who was stationed there because she was part of an Air Force family. I had had a heart attack six months before this move, which required a stent.… Read More

I Thought I Was Talking to An Adult: Brendan Was So Calm

2017 Nominee – Brendan Gould Survivor – Thomas Gould, Barrington, IL, 56 at time of event (February 6, 2016) Location of Event – Home I was having a conversation with my son Brendan, on February 6, 2016, at 5:30 pm. In mid-sentence, and with no warning signs, I collapsed onto the floor of my son’s bedroom. Brendan, then 16 years of age, recognized immediately that my gurgling noises, a lack of… Read More

A Call No Mother Ever Wants to Receive

2017 Nominees – Chris Featherstone and Erika Bean Survivor – Hannah Bean, Decaur, IL, 16 at time of event (July 11, 2016) Location of Event – Home I am writing to nominate my husband and daughter for the People Saving People Award. On July 11th, 2016, I got a call that no mother ever wants to receive. My husband, Chris, called to tell me that my daughter Hannah had collapsed and was being rushed… Read More

Thanks to My Guardian Angels, There is No Need to Ask Where the Wake is Being Held

2017 Nominees – Sebastian Koziel and Randy McGregor Survivor – Tom Lane, Lemont, IL, 53 at time of event (December 5, 2015) Location of Event – Gym The following is an e-mail message Tom sent to his co-workers. Happy Friday! It's Great to Be Alive! On Saturday, December 5th, 2015, I went to the Lemont park district gym to work out like I do almost every day. I spent a half hour on an elliptical… Read More

Almost Like Winning the Powerball Lottery

2017 Nominees – Christopher Cooley, MD and Matthew Cooley, MD Survivor – David Wujczyk, Farmington Hills, MI, 61 at time of event (August 3, 2017) Location of Event – Golf course My name is David Wujczyk. On Thursday, August 3rd at 12:20pm, I stepped on the first tee at Plum Hollow Country Club to play in the opening round of the 2017 Club Invitational golf tournament. This was to be my 25th year… Read More

My Husband Saved My Life and I’ll Be Forever Grateful

2017 Nominee – Justin Toussing Survivor – Kristin Toussing, Indianapolis, IN, 29 at time of event (September 13, 2017) Location of Event – Home Wednesday, September 13, 2017. It is likely a day I’ll never remember, and with certainty a day that my husband will never forget. It was a day that started just as any other. I had awoken at 6:15 am, as I always do, packed three lunches, ensured our… Read More

Because of Her CPR Training and Confidence, I Survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest

2017 Nominee – Sharon Lopata Survivor – Charly Miklaski, Frisco, TX, 38 at time of event (December 3, 2016) Location of Event – Marathon in Memphis, TN On Saturday, December 3, 2016, I was in Memphis, TN, to run my third consecutive (and fourth overall) marathon at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. Every year since 2007, when my four-year-old niece, Sophie Quayle, passed away from a Diffuse… Read More