Eligible nominees are individuals who helped save the life of an SCA victim, but had no work-related duty to respond to the victim. Lifesaving actions could include one or more of the following: Calling 9-1-1, providing CPR or chest compressions, using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Nominees follow.

I Am So Lucky to Be Here

Judy and Kevin Marlow
2017 Nominees – Kevin Marlow
Survivor – Judy Marlow, Fowlmere, Hertfordshire, UK, 39 at time of event (February 3, 2014)

Location of Event – Home

Colleagues Provided CPR and Used an AED Before EMS Arrived

Award nominees and those who assisted them. Left to right -- New York TRACON Ope

2015 Nominees – Mike Pitt, Terence Ryan, Robert Lynn, and Andrew Samour
Survivor – Neil O'Toole, New York, NY, 57 at time of event (June 15, 2015)
Location of event – Workplace

I Owe My Life to Mike for His Quick Actions

Survivor Ira Gura with his hero Mike Vanneman

2015 Nominee – Mike Vanneman
Survivor – Ira Gura, San Jose, CA, 76 at time of event (April 19, 2015)
Location of event – Airport

My name is Ira Gura, and I am 76-years-old. On April 19th of this year, my wife and I flew from LAX to San Jose, CA, to visit our daughter and her family. Just before we left for the trip, I felt a strange pain in the center of my back and was slightly nauseous. Since I had back surgery the year before I didn’t really think much of it, but decided to use a wheelchair. Upon landing, my wife pushed me in a wheelchair. We were conversing pleasantly until half way down the corridor she asked me a question, but didn’t hear a response. She looked at me and saw that I was grey and lifeless. I had had a sudden and totally unexpected cardiac arrest!  

My wife started screaming.

My Daughter Saved My Life That Day

Rescuer Jordan Arnett and survivor, Jeff Arnett

2015 Nominee – Jordan Arnett 
Survivor – Jeff Arnett, 46, Moorpark, California, 46 at time of event (February 16, 2014)
Location of event – Home

My name is Jeff Arnett. I am 46-years-old and a cardiac arrest survivor. On February 16, 2014, I had a cardiac arrest and my 17-year-old daughter found me and saved my life. I would like to nominate my daughter, Jordan Arnett, for the 2015 People Saving People Award.

Please read my story…

A Stranger Did Not Hesitate to Come to My Aid

Survivor Bob Reed with rescuer Roland Duran

2015 Nominee – Roland Duran
Survivor – Bob Reed, Port Aransas, TX, 64 at time of event (February 13, 2015)
Location of event  – Beach

My name is Bob Reed. I am 64-years-old, and I am lucky to be alive. On February 13, 2015, I experienced cardiac arrest while walking on the beach in Port Aransas, Texas, while I was walking my dogs. Port Aransas is our winter home for my wife and me when we are not in Colorado.

I do not remember the event or even walking on the beach that day, but it was the unluckiest and luckiest day of my life. Luckiest because when I collapsed, Roland Duran of Corpus Christi came to my aid. One of my neighbors witnessed the event from his condo and ran to the scene, where he identified me and had the presence of mind to get Roland's name and phone number.

I Can Think of No More Important Role Than to Save Someone's Life

Rescuer Billy Griggs and survivor Paul Wylie

2015 Nominee – Billy Griggs
Survivor – Paul Wylie, Charlotte, NC, 50 at time of event (April 21, 2015)
Location of event – Outdoor running workout

My name is Paul Wylie. I am a husband, father of three young children, a coach, and figure skater. As an Olympic Silver medalist, I know well what it means to work hard, really hard. I have performed in countless high-pressure situations. Yet, I can think of no more important role than to commit all my mental energies and physical strength to save someone else’s life. That is what Billy Griggs did for me on April 21, 2015.

Without a Doubt, My Wife Saved My Life

Survivor Gary Brauchla and rescuer Kathie Brauchla

2015 Nominee – Kathie Brauchla
Survivor – Gary Brauchla, Pearce, Arizona, 68 at time of event (September 29, 2012)
Location of event – Home

If it weren’t for my wife, Kathie Brauchla, September 29, 2012, would have been the date etched on my tombstone. I was asleep in my rural home in Pearce, Arizona, about 90 miles from Tucson when I went into cardiac arrest at age 68. Kathie was awoken by my loud snort, which she assumed then was snoring. In retrospect, it was likely my last gasp. She nudged me. No response. Nudged me again. And again – no response. Then it all clicked together what was going on. She flipped on the light as I lay there motionless, not breathing.

It's A Miracle from God, My Husband, Son, and the Dispatcher That I Am Here Today

Rescuers Bobby and Scott Bertolotto and survivor Aysha Bertolotto

2015 Nominee – Scott Bertolotto
Survivor – Alysha Bertolotto, Custer, South Dakota, 37 (September 21, 2014)
Location of event – Home

I believe my husband is worthy of the People Saving People Award because he's a great example of an everyday Joe, who could and should know what to do in the event of an emergency.

I have a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and so I have an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) because I'm at high-risk for sudden cardiac arrest. This protection also gave us the false security that it would take care of me if needed.

If You Can Fight, Mom, I Want You to Fight

Bryce Smithlin

2015 Nominees – Bryce and Tony Smithlin
Survivor Kyra Smithlin, Puyallup, Washington, 37 at time of event (December 15, 2012)
Location of event – Home

The reason why I think Bryce and Tony deserve recognition is because of many reasons. Not only did they save my life, but in a scary situation for not only my husband but for my little 9-year-old son, they worked as a team and I'm so proud of them. 

Immediate CPR Before EMS Arrival Was the Reason for Joe's Survival

Rescuers Josh Devou and Jess Devou with survivor Joe Devou (center)
2015 Nominees – Josh and Jess Devou
Survivor – Joe Devou, Levant, Maine, 49 at time of event (February 16, 2015)

Location of event – Home

I am writing to nominate my son and daughter for the People Saving People Award. On February 16, 2015, my husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in our home. Fortunately, due to a swift response from both of my children, he is still alive today. My daughter Jess learned CPR during a class she took at a local community college and my son Josh learned basic lifesaving techniques during an athletics training course while he was in high school.

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