James Collins, Jhorman Gomez, John (Jay) Richardson, Mike Johnson

These four gentlemen deserve this special recognition, due to their willingness to get involved to save their co-worker’s life. Mr. Jhorman Gomez related that about one month prior to Mr. Kowalchuk’s cardiac arrest, he was aware of another employee that was observed sitting in a chair for a prolonged period of time. When someone finally checked on him he was unresponsive. Jhorman states that Fire… Read More

Ron Servicky

It is my pleasure to nominate Ron Servicky for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s People Saving People award. Ron showed incredible strength and courage when his mother collapsed while eating lunch with her husband in the kitchen of their Charlotte, NC home on November 8, 2011. Helen Servicky stopped breathing and suddenly slumped over in her chair at the table. Her husband witnessed the… Read More

Jennifer Chap

My name is Rick Chap, and I live in Orlando, Florida. I’m a 56 year-old SCA survivor. I would like to nominate Jennifer Chap, my wife, for the 2012 People Saving People Award. My SCA occurred on February 27, 2012, in our home. Here’s our story and why Jennifer is my hero… We own a strategic marketing/research firm that we operate from our home. February 27th started out as usual. Jennifer was in… Read More

Bob Huebner

I was asked to write a letter about the events of August 24, 2006. Unless you have lived such a day, time is irrelevant, and memory is mixed with what you are later told your actions where, along with what you think you did, and what you wish you had done. From my youth in boy scouting “Be Prepared” has echoed in my ears, I decided many years ago to do everything I could to try and live that… Read More

Cheryl Powell

I would like to nominate my employer Cheryl Powell, as my rescuer for the People Saving People award. Without the quick response of my friend dialing 911, I would not be here today. My name is Marilyn Inductivo and on April 30, 2011, I died. Thanks to the phone call that Cheryl made to 911, the Carmel, CA, emergency medical team was able to start the rescue process and I was then transported to… Read More

Claude Kalev

I would like to nominate my rescuer, Claude [and Cathy] Kalev for the People Saving People award. Claude happen to be nearby when I was a victim of SCA. He had no formal training in CPR but had heard his wife ( a nurse ) describe the procedure at the dinner table many times. I'm a 55-year-old man who stays in good shape, exercises regularly and had no history of heart problems. I was at work in… Read More

Matt Graham & Dennis Downs

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Runyon Sports Complex in Pueblo, CO, two field managers were prepping a baseball field using "squeegees" to push water off the infield after a rain storm. This complex consists of seven baseball fields where many tournaments are held all summer. A 67-year-old man came to help from the stands and suddenly collapsed in arrest. Matt Graham, one of groundsmen,… Read More