More than 350,000 people are affected by sudden cardiac arrest outside hospitals each year in the U.S., and most victims die. In an effort to gauge public awareness of the life-threatening condition and the importance of bystander intervention in saving lives, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation worked with global strategic research firm, StrataVerve.

In 2015, the research team conducted a baseline study that was presented at the 2016 AHA Resuscitation Science Symposium. They conducted a follow-up study in 2017 that was presented at the 2018 AHA Resuscitation Science Symposium. The study objectives were to explore shifts in aided and unaided awareness and understanding of SCA, to develop and test messaging to determine the best motivators and attention-getters, and to test a consumer-friendly definition of SCA.

About StrataVerve: StrataVerve is a strategic research boutique whose goal is to gather insights, firmly rooted in real consumer perspectives, that drive the organization forward to action. Since 2000, SV has conducted state-of-the-art internet research for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to small start ups, to non-profit organizations.

Acknowledgments: The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation thanks the following for their invaluable contributions to this landmark research: Principal: StrataVerve; Contributing Partners: Survey Sampling International, Strategic Artifex, Dan Beckmann, Buddy CPR, Verocity Creative Communications, and Just Do Something…Anything.