Posted on 11/09/2019
Ewa Frelas
Ewa Frelas

Survivor: Mark Barrett

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Neighborhood, Algonquin, IL

Ewa Frelas

I was home mowing my lawn. My wife was on her way to a funeral. I don’t remember anything so this is what I was told. I was thankfully in my front yard when my SCA happened. I was laying on the ground when my neighbor and her two young boys drove by and saw me. Ewa jumped out of her car and ran over and saw I wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat. She started CPR and yelled for help. Someone called 911. Three others came to help with CPR. I was told I was down for seven minutes. I was shocked several times. I was put into the therapeutic hypothermia and was unconscious for 11 days. I was in the hospital for a month. I survived with no brain damage. All because she stopped.