Posted on 11/14/2021

Survivor: Greydon Fischer

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Crystal Falls, Michigan

Kurt Anderson
Mike Mansell

Greydon Fischer, one of our sophomore track athletes, collapsed during practice on April 12th. He was having what appeared to be a seizure when Coach Kurt Anderson was able to get to him from across the track. Coach Anderson said once Greydon stopped seizing, he noticed Greydon was not breathing. Coach Anderson immediately started chest compressions on Greydon as some of his teammates ran for the AED and the other coaches called 911 and Greydon's parents.

Mike Mancell, the local sheriff deputy arrived on the scene minutes later. He took over CPR from Coach Anderson for two rounds until the ambulance arrived. When EMS took Greydon, he had a faint pulse. Greydon was flown to Green Bay and then to Milwaukee Children's Hospital. Doctors are still trying to figure out the exact cause of what happened, but they believe it’s a cardiac issue.

Shawn Fischer, Greydon’s dad, says doctors told them there was only a 10% survival rate for when sudden cardiac arrest happens outside a hospital, so this teen was very lucky. Thanks to a combo of quick thinking and adrenaline, our track team and coaches became a life-saving team and Greydon is doing well today.

Nominated by Jackie Guiliani