I Had the Sensation of Being Sucked Into the Earth

Bruce Benda, Pittsburgh, PA–52 at time of event (2014) The old saw ‘ignorance is bliss’ applied when Hannah Benda, daughter of sudden cardiac arrest survivor Bruce Benda got word that her dad had suffered SCA at a golf outing at Laurel Valley Golf Club in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Hannah’s training as a physician’s assistant gave her insight as to the seriousness of her father’s condition. Her… Read More

Here Comes the Bride

PITTSBURGH, PA--A new bride who graduated from Peters Township High School kicked off her high heels while still wearing her wedding gown and revived a woman Saturday who was found unconscious on a Pittsburgh bench. Julie Stroyne, a trauma nurse at UPMC-Presbyterian hospital, said she revived the woman who was on a bench near Westin Convention Center on Liberty Avenue. “That’s something I’ll… Read More

Joe Farrell’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Story

Having experienced a near death experience of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) has significantly changed my life.  The description of my survival is based upon my wife’s recollection since I was suddenly stricken with SCA at a professional friend’s home in Rocklin, California seven years ago. I do not remember anything that happened when I suffered the SCA, nor do I remember the week prior to my SCA… Read More

Thanks to a Complete Stranger, I Am Part of the Six Percent

My name is Mark Kendall, I am a 46-year-old father of four and my cardiac arrest occurred on a hot 100 plus degree Florida afternoon on April 22, 2015 in the parking lot of a pizza restaurant. Without any warning at all, I went into cardiac arrest that day and collapsed onto the hot black asphalt where bystanders saw me go down and began to surround my then lifeless body. One bystander poured… Read More

Detour Dave Averts Sudden Cardiac Death

Dave Sandler is a professional inspirational speaker.  He is the author of the new book “Taking a Detour.” Dave owns Detour Dave Inc., which delivers traffic information to the Baltimore/Washington area on WBAL Radio and 98 Rock. He also provides entertainment for weddings and other private affairs. On August 9, 2009, I took the biggest detour of my life. I died that day, but God was not ready… Read More

Meet Ellie Whelan, Heart Patient

Ellie Whelan, Petersburg, VA– 16 at time of event (2013) In November 2013, young actress Ellie Whelan was performing in front of a packed auditorium at Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology when she collapsed onstage. Audience members thought it was part of the act; then she didn’t get up. At the age of 16, she had suffered a cardiac arrest. The school nurse… Read More

Right Side Up

My name is Bruce Evans. I am a father, son, husband, brother and a miracle. I am among the 11 percent victimized by sudden cardiac death who survive, unlike 89 percent of the people who don’t. Exactly one year ago today, my entire life flipped completely right side up. I’ve come to the realization that the term “right side up” is the only appropriate term due to the fact I was given the chance to… Read More

Saved at the Mall of America

My name is Jamie LaLonde. I am 23 years old and at 18, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while working in the Mall of America. My shift at Forever 21 had just started when I told my boss I wasn’t feeling well and asked to take my break early, which was unusual for me to do. After originally saying no, she said it was okay. While on my way to the break room, where I would have been alone, I… Read More

We Have to Count on Each Other

Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) come in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnic backgrounds. SCA, which some people call sudden cardiac death, has stricken people at work, at school, exercising, resting at home or even sleeping. The first word of the term tells anyone who hears it that there is rarely a warning for the devastation to come. The heart stops beating, the victim collapses and,… Read More

My Survival Story: No Joking Matter

My name is Robert Hoadley and I am the Corporate Contract and Lease Administrator at Evans Hotels.* To be frank, the mere fact that I am here at all today is truly a miracle. On April 1, 2011, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at work. I was 41-years-old and was training to join the U.S. Navy Reserves and in possibly the best physical condition of the last 20 years when, without warning, my… Read More