Life after death

I have no memory of Sunday, May 21, 2017, and I’m lucky to be alive. Similar to other Sundays during the spring, I was playing softball in the Chesapeake and Potomac Softball (CAPS) league at Watkins Regional Park in Maryland. I drove to the fields at 09:30, stopping at 7-11 for water and a protein bar and then headed to Watkins. In the parking lot, I met up with a former teammate and good friend… Read More

My husband was only 29 years old

I just shared my story below but I wanted to add that my husband was only 29 years old and I'm 24. We have only been married since 10.05.19. I kept thinking I am way too young to be a widow, he way too young to die and that we had our whole lives ahead of us. Our life was amazing. I'm so thankful for his miraculous recovery.

My husband is alive today because of amazing first responders

On 05/29/2020 my husband and I had just eaten dinner and were watching TV when he had what I believe to be a seizure and threw up. I got him on his side as fast as I could but he had thrown up when his head was tilted backwards during the seizure, I heard gargling and then he stopped breathing. As soon I pulled him off the couch and got him on the floor on his back, the paramedics show up and… Read More

How I joined the Unicorn tribe

I'm a 59-year-old professional woman, overweight by about 80 lbs. but extremely healthy other than that. I have never had to take any medications, have no history of any kind of illness, and have only been in the hospital once, to have my son, by C section, 26 years ago! February 28, 2020, was just another day. I had to stop at the dentist for a quick check on some periodontal cleaning that had… Read More


3/11/2019 changed my life for the better. Here is my story....

One of the lucky ones

I had a SCA on April 2, 2014 while at home with my wife. No previous symptoms except pain in my lower back just before the heart attack/SCA/V-fib/tach. We live 5 minutes from the hospital. I had to be shocked 4-5 times at home, ambulance and at the hospital. But, 4 days later I was out of ICU and hospital and started rehab, with a year-long road ahead but minimal brain damage (some… Read More

Beverly Buxareo celebrates 10 years as a survivor

A once in a lifetime opportunity to study in Spain, five grandchildren, three half-marathons, two 10K races and – no, not a partridge in a pear tree - but travel with new friends from that trip to Spain. These are just some of the important events that Beverly Buxareo would have missed out on if her “angel” were not there to apply CPR and restart her heart 10 years ago. January 23, 2010 was a… Read More

My husband survived a massive heart attack and cardiac arrest

July 17, 2019 I was doing dishes when I heard a noise coming from the living room. I just figured it was one of my dogs so didn’t think much about it! However my husband has being saying he just wasn’t feeling right and did not feel good so I thought I better check it out. When I walked into the living room I noticed my husband stuck between his recliner and tv table. It looked like he had fallen… Read More

Chicago Bears 5K

This happened to me last July. Basically got hit with SCA during the Chicago Bears 5K run that I was walking in. Zero symptoms before and after I got to the hospital after a few days they did an angiogram and found I had blockages in 4 spots and I had a CABG open heart surgery. I just passed six months after this happened and am feeling really good. I was in the right place for a terrible thing… Read More

Soldier Field 10 mile race survivor 2015

I was an experienced runner, having run the Chicago Marathon three times along with several other races. On May 23rd, 2015 I was running alongside my brother in the Soldier Field 10 mile race. It was a perfect weather day and I felt great. Six miles into the race along Lake Michigan I suddenly felt a "thump" in my chest that felt very unusual. I stepped off the race path into the grass. I clearly… Read More