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Bruce Evans, Sussex, WI– 52 at time of event (2014)
Bruce Evans, Sussex, WI– 52 at time of event (2014)

My name is Bruce Evans. I am a father, son, husband, brother and a miracle. I am among the 11 percent victimized by sudden cardiac death who survive, unlike 89 percent of the people who don’t. Exactly one year ago today, my entire life flipped completely right side up. I’ve come to the realization that the term “right side up” is the only appropriate term due to the fact I was given the chance to live my life after my death. I didn’t allow my heart to stop three times, lay lifeless in a coma for nine days, and fight as hard as I did to simply live on quietly.

Memorial Day weekend was coming to an end, and little did I know, my life was as well. After teaching my youngest to grill and enjoying a meal with my beautiful wife, it was getting late and I decided to go unwind before bed. From what I was told, I told my wife I had a headache and I was going to lie down.

My daughter and wife were watching a movie in the other room. Some time had passed and they had finished their movie. My wife came into our bedroom to get ready for bed. I always knew she was an angel, but this confirmed it. My wife asked me if something was wrong. She looked at me and I said I was "not good." Immediately after that statement, death began to engulf me. I looked at her with blank eyes and started seizing. Then death completely consumed me. I took a final last breath on my bedroom floor in front of my family.  

On that day, May 26th at 12:04 am, my heart decided to just stop and my body lay lifeless on my bedroom floor in front of my wife and my children. My 13-year-old daughter immediately called 9-1-1. I allowed death to keep its hold on me until the paramedics arrived and gave their all to start my heart again. Death desired me so passionately, I coded three times.

That night, my stars were the most aligned they have ever been. That my wife there to see my last breath and my children were there to witness it--this is the reason I am alive today. If my wife had walked in a minute later, I would have been gone. I wouldn’t have been given any more chances at life. I would have watched my wife grow old and my children grow up from heaven.

As I stated before, I will not live on quietly. My mission, for the rest of my life, is to leave a legacy of exponentially increased awareness. Awareness is the place where a chance at life for the next victim lies. If I can do anything to save even one person, I will have made a difference.

-Bruce Evans

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