A Nightmare For Thanksgiving?

What started as a normal Tuesday evening became a nightmare before the night was out. Kathie and her husband went to bed, watched bit of FoodNetwork TV and chatted about the day. Around 10:30 pm Scott woke to an odd sound. Kathie doesn’t snore, but she was making strange noises, and yet she appeared asleep. She did not seem conscious at all, and wasn't breathing. As a Flagstaff Sheriff’s deputy… Read More

Fillling My Own Cup First

It was exam time, a stressful period for teachers as well as students. Anne had survived the 50-minute commute and was in her second class of the morning when she died. She was sitting at her desk while the high school freshmen finished their tests. Her face hit the table top and a couple of alert students rushed over to stop Anne from falling off her chair. They could see she was not conscious… Read More

Not Ready to Be With God

Breakfast was spoiled early one Saturday morning. Loris, Mike’s wife, heard a strange sound and came looking for Mike. She had been getting ready for work, and was surprised to see her husband unconscious in his lounge chair with a cereal bowl beside him. Mike was not breathing, but there was no way Loris could do anything about it—despite knowing CPR. He’s 6’8” and over 250lbs, she’s only 5’1”… Read More

Renewing That YMCA Membership?

It all started with a skiing accident. Knee surgery meant Dan was sidelined from all the sports activity he enjoyed. Finally he’d been given the green light to get back to running. Early Monday morning in September he went to the local YMCA with a friend to get back in shape. Just a little jogging on the treadmill, maybe some weights. Except they didn’t get that far. “We were probably five or six… Read More

Was it That Last Hill?

It was a Friday morning around 7.15 am on the last day of 2 weeks annual leave from work. I was just at the end of my weekly outdoor training with a group of mates when I am told (I have lost about 2 weeks memory) that we were running up the last hill at Currumbin Beach when I started to fall behind the group. I was moving slowly, some mates came back and said, “are you OK, Ken?” Famous last… Read More

Survivor Reunited with his "Angels"

Tod Streets, Philadelphia, PA--56 at the time of event (2012) In a touching and extraordinary reunion in mid-January, a Philadelphia man finally met the Septa manager and nurse who saved his life. When Tod Streets collapsed in cardiac arrest while waiting for his Septa train at the 30th Street Station two weeks ago, it was two strangers who came to his rescue. Only CBS 3 cameras were there as… Read More

He Made It Through The Worst Part

Alastair and his brother, John, own a sports lounge and it was time that Wednesday evening to get a game up on the big screen. Bill was standing next to Alastair as they were looking for a hockey game on the TV. That’s when it happened. “My brother said I took a depth breath, then a sigh, and just fell over dead!” Alastair related. “[He] called 9-1-1 while Bill ‘stood there and shook like a… Read More

They Can Fix That!

Craig is an avid mountain biker. He just couldn’t resist the beautiful August afternoon at the start of a four day weekend. He’d just completed a lap of the 7 mile trail near his home town of Indianapolis, when the day turned sour. Craig remembers being passed by a father and son and when he reached the picnic area the three of them shared a table to recover from their exertions. Craig began to… Read More

A Shock in Time Makes All the Difference

Barbara Tibbitts with her great grandchildren No pun intended, but when Barbara Tibbitts suffered sudden cardiac arrest and had to be revived by fire department personnel with an automated external defibrillator (AED) on November 11, 1999, it came as quite a shock. "Even at 69, I was in fantastic physical shape," Barbara said, noting that she was regularly tap dancing and taking jazzercize… Read More

Rob Elliot: Aspiring Trendsetter

On May 27, 2003, Rob Elliot became a trendsetter, but it just may be that others will no longer be able to follow that trend. While “leaning against the couch, listening to the stereo,” Rob suddenly fell to the floor of his living room, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). When his wife, who was with him at the time, got no response after looking down and chiding "Don't joke about this," she… Read More