Posted on 10/14/2021
Help us honor those we've lost
From left, clockwise, Stuart Koenig, Kipp Kingsley, Sarah Friend, John Taylor Babbitt, Carlo Castillejos, and Emilie Puricelli

Congress declared October National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month in 2008 and it was added to the National Health Observance Calendar in 2017. And so, this October, we celebrate all those who survived sudden cardiac arrest.

At the same time, we remember the thousands who have been lost every year to one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. People like Stuart Koenig, Kipp Kinsley, Sarah Friend, John Taylor Babbitt, Carlo Castillejos, and Emilie Puricelli.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, the premier U.S. nonprofit organization focused exclusively on SCA, is dedicated to creating a world in which survival from SCA is the norm, rather than the exception. Please join our 15th Anniversary Celebration with a donation in memory of someone you have lost to SCA. Thank you for your generosity. 

Learn more about our 15th Anniversary Celebration Campaign here