“We are delighted to support the SCA Foundation by becoming a Founding Member….There needs to be a clear, consistent voice about the public health hazard which is sudden cardiac arrest. We would all do well to clarify in the minds of the public the important differences between heart failure, heart attacks and SCA so that lifesaving therapies can be applied…Through our efforts together, I am hopeful we can bridge the gap in care.”

- Joseph Smith, MD, PhD, Boston Scientific Cardiac Rhythm Management - Founding Member

“The need for continued clear information about the lifesaving potential of early defibrillation, public access and support for programs and individuals who have taken up the call to arms is as acute today as ever. Very few schools have AEDs, most police do not carry them and we are as far away as ever from the vision we share of universal access and proliferation. We are pleased to offer our support as a Founding Member of the SCA Foundation.”

- Ward Hamilton, ZOLL Medical Corporation - Founding Member

“Many different organizations offer information on causes, prevention and treatment of SCA. No organization aggregates and organizes that information in one easy-to-use location. No organization also links together individuals with common interests in SCA. I believe the SCA Foundation will accomplish this goal.”

- Michael Sayre, MD, University of Washington

“In my view, the SCA Foundation has the potential to serve not only as the premier information resource center on SCA, but also as a powerful virtual meeting place for informed collaboration at the community, state and national level to increase awareness and ultimately save more lives.”

- Richard Lazar, Esq., AED Risk Insights

“Many existing organizations touch some part of the solution to the major public health problem of SCA, but no one organization has put all the parts together to significantly improve survival…I would be pleased to communicate with any potential funding organizations to encourage their involvement.”

- Robert Niskanen, Resurgent LLC

“Many different organizations are engaged in the battle against death from SCA. I think it is extremely important that the SCA Foundation intends to foster a collaborative relationship with all the different players… I look forward to working with (the Foundation) in any way I can to improve outcome and provide support for patients, families and communities touched by SCA.”

- Edward Racht, MD, American Medical Response

“The SCA Foundation can and will be an effective agent for awareness and resources for SCA prevention, treatment, and support of survivors. Using technology such as this website and in school and community programs and services, it is our hope to empower the citizens to be lifesavers.”

- Robert Gillio, MD, The Force for Health

“Thank you for your great work in the fight against sudden cardiac arrest.”

- Michael Dufresne, Boston Scientific

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has been there for me since my husband's SCA survival in 2012. I was completely traumatized after giving him CPR and having his life in my hands, literally. SCA Foundation has been a rich source of information, has connected us with other families who are also dealing with life after SCA and allows us to pay forward our gift of life in many ways. Honestly, SCA Foundation has been my CPR, breathing life and purpose back into me after that challenging morning, now 7 years ago. I owe a big part of my own recovery to the support, insights, kindness and community that SCA Foundation provides. Thank you SCA Foundation for being there for people like me and helping to turn adversity into promise.”

- Jennifer Chap

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation works passionately to educate the public about SCA, a life-threatening condition that is often misunderstood. ZOLL is proud to support and partner with the Foundation. Together, by helping citizens to recognize SCA and understand treatment options, we can work toward our shared goal to help to save more lives.  ”

- Bernard Komoroski and Deb Leahy, ZOLL Medical

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s work in understanding the nature of public perceptions about CPR will add considerable value to messages that motivate the public to recognize cardiac arrest and provide CPR. Most of us working in the industry have benefitted for many years from SCAF’s educational and informational activities, and so we are pleased to be able to assist the organization.”

- CPR Working Group: Alf-Christian Dybdahl (Laerdal Medical), Brian Arbanas (Philips Healthcare), and Ward Hamilton (ZOLL Medical)

“I am very impressed by the clear focus of the Foundation. I am convinced that such a center of excellence providing quality information and opportunities for collaboration will provide a much-needed service for health and safety professionals, the at-risk community and the general public. I am proud that Philips is a Founding Member of the SCA Foundation and I strongly encourage other stakeholders to participate. Together, I believe, we can make a difference.”

- Craig Peterson, Philips Healthcare - Founding Member

“It has been a privilege to be affiliated with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCAF) for the past several years. The foundation is truly there to spread the word to everyone about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and its devastating effects on our society. The foundation is not only a great resource for survivors through the Survivor Network but also a place where families and other loved ones can ask tough questions about SCA. I have many friends and colleagues that have turned to me for answers about the latest SCA treatment or therapy because of my affiliation with this industry-leading foundation. SCAF is also a place where responders can turn to help spread the message. Many of us who work in emergency care/public safety are passionate about SCA Awareness and AEDs but our voice isn't loud enough on its own to get the word out. SCAF has always been passionate about working with smaller groups and individuals to help get the word out. I was recently involved in a Survivor/Rescuer Reunion Ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to see the survivor passionately hug each of the rescuers. This man collapsed during Christmas dinner and was resuscitated with an AED from the local FD. He made a full recovery and made a moving speech at the ceremony in February 2013. The Foundations worked closely with the local responders and dignitaries to ensure that everyone was recognized for their efforts that day. They helped to raise awareness by using their media contacts to have the story covered by a myriad of print and television media. The President of SCAF, Mary Newman, is a household name in emergency medicine and in SCA awareness groups around the country. No matter what conference I attend all I have to do is mention Mary and everyone knows about her work for the SCAF. Mary is an integral part of SCAF and a true leader. I absolutely endorse SCAF and all the work they do to make our society a safer, healthier place to live.”

- Matthew Strauss, rescuer and volunteer

“Thank you for the newsletter, it is very informative.”

- Ames

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a national nonprofit that works each and every day to educate the public and connect those who have been touched by SCA. I have seen firsthand this organization's ability to bring comfort to survivors and their families to let them know they are not alone with the feelings and issues they are dealing with and how to connect with others to grow and learn together. The SCA Foundation provides the latest facts and research results to the media and public to help spread correct, factual awareness. They also provide a resource to families and friends of loved ones who have both been taken from us, to help spread awareness in their own communities, whether it be via training classes, 5K walks, or video contests. They send newsletters to keep us informed of new research and new stories of both loss and survival. The SCA Foundation goes above and beyond in every aspect with compassion and dedication and a pure determination to raise awareness to save more lives.”

- Alison, volunteer

“All I can do is thank God, my family, the special people who helped me get through this hard time and, of course, my "hero" who actually saved my life. Soon I will be back in action, trying to protect others from going through what I endured.”

- Mike, survivor

“As a survivor of SCA 11 years ago and having used CPR to save two SCA victims lives, I am indebted to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation for its tireless work to promote education relating to SCA, supporting SCA survivors and family members and for giving all survivors and families a voice in saving lives. I was honored to join the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Board of Directors 1.5 years ago. I believe the Board is giving me and other survivors, an avenue to change the culture of performing CPR and using an AED on SCA victims and ensuring that Sudden Cardiac Arrest as the number 1 killer in the USA, becomes a "household" word.”

- Joe, survivor and board member

“It's always a warm experience to meet another individual who survived the same life-threatening condition, because we share an uncommon bond--being granted life after sudden cardiac death.”

- Paula, survivor

“My husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest …He is doing great. He has a way to go and I think this site will help him as he navigates his new situation.”

- Joan, wife of survivor

“I've helped out the SCA Foundation and believe they are the best for helping survivors connect and support each other. Mary is committed to raising awareness and ensuring more are saved from this #1 killer. Survivors need a community of like-minded souls to recover from the trauma of being one of the few. Providing a safe environment for them to collaborate and coordinate activities is a worthy and valuable endeavor. The SCA Survivor Network does just that.”

- Jeremy, staff