“ Excellent help given in educating and helping us purchase an AED for our West Bend Senior center. ”

- Lee, survivor

“The people at the SCA foundation are amazing. And that's an understatement. Thank you for helping me find other SCA survivors. I tell everyone about how helpful you were to a complete stranger. God bless the people at your foundation for the help, education, support, and the new friends you've given me.”

- Michelle, survivor

“Thank you for your great work!”

- Henri

“Like many others, I had heard of situations where someone had suffered from sudden cardiac arrest—and had often not survived. It wasn't until I was personally involved in a situation that impacted me directly—that I discovered, through speaking with members of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and visiting their website that more than 300,000 people suffer from SCA each year, including young people, as was the case with my situation. Given that this is a sudden, life-threatening emergency, bystander support is critical, and may mean the difference between life and death. Through this organization's education of the public, and their advocacy work, what they do directly impacts people's lives. This is a very important organization with a lifesaving mission—and is deserving of support in any way possible.”

- Amelia, member of the public

“After losing my son to sudden cardiac arrest in 2007, our family started a nonprofit in his memory dedicated to preventing sudden cardiac death. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has been a valuable source of information on this topic and has supported us in a number of initiatives over the past 12 years. The organization's knowledge of sudden cardiac arrest is second to none. I can honestly say that the success of our own foundation can be attributed in a large part to the help, support, research and information provided by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.”

- JoAnne Taylor Babbitt, board member

“Thank you for your endless efforts in educating the public about SCA.”

- Emily, survivor

“Thanks for being such a great communicator and letting all of us survivors feel important and involved.”

- Cheri, survivor

“After I survived SCA seven years ago, I wanted to become involved with an organization that would help others survive this survivable event. Admittedly at this point in time, most folks do not survive SCA, and I was indeed fortunate to have an AED present where my out-of-hospital event occurred with people who were not afraid to use it. That is what the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation does—we educate the public about SCA and that it is survivable, that AEDs are easy to use and should be available and present in as many public places and homes as possible. The more that we can distribute AEDs publicly in our offices, airports, health clubs, malls and wherever the public congregates, the more lives can be saved. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has a website and has distributed much in the way of printed material nationally towards this effort. We are proud of our work because more and more people are surviving SCA, but we still have a road to travel to reach our goal. We need everyone's help to get there.”

- David, board member

“I give the SCAF my highest rating. When I had my cardiac arrest (and survived), the SCAF was there to serve as an advocacy group to promote awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and increase the availability and accessibility of AEDs. The SCAF has encouraged me to develop as an advocate and become a board member. Our president, Mary Newman, is totally dedicated to reducing death from SCA and is indefatigable.”

- Henry Jampel, MD, survivor and board chair

“Your website has been such a source of inspiration and hope for me.”

- Suzanne, wife of survivor

“I applaud you for this information and the work you do.”

- Naomi, survivor

“I have served with great pride on the Board for two years. The SCAF outreach to prevent sudden cardiac arrest through education and community programs is unparalleled. Through the You Can Save a Life programs for high schools and colleges we have reached out to our youth and the administrators of their facilities to educate them as to how easily the average person can take action to save a life. Through our survivor network, we hope to link those who share the experience of being a survivor so that they can help each other and medical practitioners better understand the lifestyle changes they require and support they need as they live out a long and useful life. When you met a survivor, it is clear there is a great need for SCAF’s existence to continue the mission of awareness, education, and access to life-saving AEDs.”

- Gary, board member

“I suffered Cardiac Arrest over 3 years ago and was saved from death by quick-acting tennis buddies and an AED. Just read of pioneering research in Italy that may provide early diagnosis. I am a lucky guy!”

- Survivor

“All the information is wonderful and when I read other experiences, I know I am not alone.  ”

- Neal

“I am a CPR instructor in Orange County, CA and absolutely love your Facebook page! There is nothing more rewarding for me than to teach others how to save someone's life with CPR/AED! I also encourage anyone who hasn't learned CPR to take the time to schedule and class for you and your loved ones! It is a priceless investment!”

- Kerri, CPR instructor

“As a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, I am grateful to be part of the SCAF family. The foundation not only provides support for me, but for my family members too. I am encouraged by the support they provide through fundraising, the up to date information they share and the philosophy behind creating awareness with hopes of saving precious lives across the U.S. I am touched by the stories that are shared regarding cardiac events. We, survivors (and our family members), are a unique bunch of individuals and I believe we deserve the opportunity to connect and support each other. The SCAF provides those opportunities for us! I am honored to be the volunteer coordinator for AZ Affiliate and I strive to make connections with those who have had an experience similar to mine. Thank you SCAF—I appreciate your hard work, dedication and willingness to allow me to be part of a great organization!”

- Kathie, survivor and volunteer

“Great organization advocating for people to learn CPR and how to use an AED. Thanks for all you do!”

- Anonymous

“Great organization advocating for people to learn CPR and how to use an AED. Thanks for all you do!”

- Edward, survivor

“As an SCA survivor, I owe my life to my son who did CPR on me until the paramedics got there and to the paramedics who continued CPR when they could not shock my heart back into a beat until I got to the hospital. If it wasn't for them, the doctors at the hospital, and God I would not be here today. This is what made me join the SCA Foundation.”

- Robert, survivor

“I am honored to serve as a board member of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. Not only does the organization raise awareness for sudden cardiac arrest, but it also collaborates with other organizations to provide the necessary support to survivors. Take a moment and imagine – if the fire alarm goes off in a building, you are more than likely to know how to approach the emergency exit. Now ask yourself, if someone was experiencing cardiac arrest would you know where the nearest AED is? Please take a moment to know the procedures in helping save a life. Know where the nearest AED is located, call 911 and help save a life. Please help the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation by educating yourself and others about this life-changing experience.”

- George, board member