“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is an absolute gem among the non-profit world! There is a tiny but mighty crew that serves a growing GLOBAL network of sudden cardiac arrest survivors, loved ones connected to SCA, and superheroes striving to create more lives saved from SCA. Through faithful stewardship of Mary Newman, the SCAF helps to educate, inspire, advocate, and champion more lives saved. The organization has grown year over year in its impact and outreach. Presently, the SCAF is changing lives across the globe and helping to lead an otherwise underserved industry in a meaningful way. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer, or a loved one seeking answers - the SCAF welcomes all into a growing community of advocates through personalized, empathetic connection. As a survivor and volunteer - I cannot say enough to express my appreciation for this fully necessary non-profit. The SCAF is the GOAT!”

- Walter Watts, survivor and volunteer

“Today I joined the SCA Survivor Network. I am grateful to be able to do so. Thank you to this Foundation for bringing people together.”

- Kim, survivor

“As a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, I am grateful to be part of the SCAF family. The foundation not only provides support for me, but for my family members too. Thank you SCAF—I appreciate your hard work, dedication and willingness to allow me to be part of a great organization!”

- Kathie, survivor and volunteer

“I have been a part of the SCAF since its inception and I can personally attest to the good work they have done over the years. I, myself, am a survivor of cardiac arrest, so I know the devastation that a victim experiences. The SCAF has been instrumental in my psychological recovery from an event that, at the age of 49, could have haunted me the rest of my life. My interaction with other survivors has given me a perspective that can't be gained in talking with anyone who has not gone through the experience. These conversations made me realize that, under doctor's care and with proper medication, I don't have to live in fear of the next incident. Having worked with many other nonprofits, I know the importance of public awareness and fundraising in disease control. The SCAF has done an admirable job in both areas. Director Mary Newman is a dedicated and talented writer of grant proposals as well as a media-savvy leader in the process to let more people know that knowledge of the cause of cardiac arrest and the swift action of anyone at the scene, can save thousands of lives a year. The people at the SCAF believe in what they do and know what they are doing. That is an unbeatable combination in the effort to save lives.”

- A.J., survivor

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has been a pillar of support and a tremendous resource since surviving my event in May of 2014. Their major focus on increasing public awareness and stressing the importance of bystander intervention has helped save many lives. This great nonprofit has inspired my entire family to become trained by the American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR & AED Program. I am truly honored to be a member of this outstanding nonprofit organization!”

- Bruce, survivor

“I hope to serve in some small way to help others get the second chance that I now have.”

- Tim, survivor

“Hundreds of people across America die needlessly every day from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) essentially because the public does not understand the critical role that they MUST play in order to give the victim of SCA any significant chance of survival. SCA can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. In most cases, the victim has no history of heart disease. SCA is unexpected. It strikes without warning. The critical role that the public, YOU!, must play translates into the following key steps: 1. Call 911 immediately to get help (EMS) on the way; 2. Start CPR to increase the victim's chance of survival when EMS arrives; (In the words of Mitchell Brown, former Director of Public Safety for Columbus, Ohio, "Even if EMS arrives at the scene within an average of seven minutes, in most cases the victim’s fate is determined before the paramedic arrives.”) 3. If available, quickly apply a relatively simple consumer "heart-shocker" (called an AED) to "jump start" the heart. It talks you through the steps! (Note: A "heart-shocker" AED is essentially the same equipment that EMS will use to try to save the victim as soon as they get to your house or office. If you have an AED and use it even just a minute or two before EMS arrives, the victim's chances of survival are increased.) I support and endorse the SCA Foundation for two major reasons: 1. Their tireless work promoting and educating the public in the important lifesaving steps above, AND 2. Their demonstrated expertise and compassion in celebrating the lives of individuals who have been saved, as well as those family members who stepped forward and took the valiant critical steps of calling 911, kneeling down and performing CPR, and using an AED. The Foundation’s survivor network is a testament to the fact that bystander action makes a difference. The work of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is indeed vital. The organization works with passion and persistence to raise awareness about this life-threatening condition—encouraging the public to learn how to save a life by starting CPR and using AEDs, encouraging widespread deployment of AEDs, and supporting people affected by sudden cardiac arrest. As a researcher who has studied bystander intervention and helped develop CPR and AED training programs, I believe the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s work is outstanding.”

- Allan Braslow, PhD, advisor

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a tremendous organization for those of us who have ‘died and lived to tell about it.’ Even though most of us have never met, the SCAF gives us an opportunity to be connected and to share our experiences and feelings about our life-changing event. Many of us did not really realize just how lucky we are. The information and awareness that is spread with this group's efforts is making a BIG difference in the rising rate of sudden cardiac arrest survival. Stories of other survivors have helped in my CPR/AED teaching in getting students to realize what a difference they can make in helping to save lives! The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a LIFE-SAVER! They showed me the importance of "paying it forward" in showing how to help other people be as lucky as I was!”

- Butch, survivor

“I just joined the SCA Survivor Network. I was looking for all of you who have had a cardiac arrest. There just are not that many people around me who can understand what we have all gone through and survived. I hope to make some new friends here!”

- Nancy, survivor

“This is an awesome site. I am a survivor four months ago thanks to my son and a family friend.”

- Ron, survivor

“I have been honored to help as a volunteer for the SCA foundation for many years. The foundation is a wonderful outlet for survivors who are interested to connect with other survivors and support one another. The foundation also raises awareness for those not familiar with what exactly a sudden cardiac arrest is and how important CPR and AEDs are to help save lives. The foundation does this by attending many conferences, taking part in 5K walks, 50/50 raffles at Pittsburgh Penguins games, and the Maggie Dixon Health Fair being just some examples. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a wonderful organization and I am proud to be a part of it.”

- Jen, volunteer