“Thank you for the newsletter, it is very informative. I suffered SCA December 2011 while in my kitchen. My husband saved my life administering CPR until first responders arrived. I am one of the 2% who survived without lasting effects. I am told the staff at the emergency room, CCU, and the cardiac ward were fantastic. I spent 10 days there and came home in time for Christmas. I now have an ICD and medication to keep me going. Of course, all glory goes to The Lord Jesus!”

- Survivor

“The foundation is not only a great resource for survivors through the Survivor Network, but also a place where families and other loved ones can ask tough questions about SCA. I have many friends and colleagues that have turned to me for answers about the latest SCA treatment or therapy because of my affiliation with this industry-leading foundation.”

- Matt, rescuer and volunteer

“I have worked for more than a decade on raising awareness for sudden cardiac arrest and its impact on our communities. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has been tireless in its energy and efforts to educate and inspire. Their SCA Survivor Network is a constant source of inspiration for increasing community education and access to the tools and resources needed to improve nationwide survival. The Foundation has partnered with the organizations on the front lines of community health and then activated a network of survivors, advocates, and volunteers who are as passionate about the cause as they are. The result is a nonprofit whose work is entirely focused on driving its mission forward.”

- Carissa, board member

“We are so lucky to have the SCA Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA and that they are able to serve the whole U.S. The work that they do to help schools understand the need for all students to be prepared in lifesaving skills is worth every dollar that they receive. It saves lives! The knowledge and skills that our Executive Director, Mary, has propelled this organization to the top and the future looks better every year with her leadership. I had three family members pass away including my mother and two of her sisters, so it is important to me to continue our public awareness and get AEDs in every place that we can.”

- Renee, volunteer

“Thank you for your endless efforts in educating the public about SCA. I had an SCA at 36 as a result of genetic cardiomyopathy and severe left ventricular arrhythmia. Luckily with two extremely fast-acting daughters and a very apt EMT crew in my community, I survived. I have an ICD now and it helps protect me. I'm grateful for the research your foundation does. You're awesome! Thank you!”

- Survivor

“Love having this group to turn too, learn from, share stories, reflect, and love life! Thanks for starting it and accepting me!”

- Jachetta

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a great organization. They help to promote awareness to the general public as well as provide exceptional advice and information through articles made available to the public. Having helped work a cardiac arrest patient, I know how important it is to promote CPR training in the community (thanks to early CPR from an informed neighbor, this particular patient survived to tell his story today), which the SCA was kind enough to offer pro bono. The more people that know CPR and basic first aid skills, the more lives we can save.”

- Stacy, EMT

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation focuses on increasing public awareness that sudden cardiac arrest can occur in people of all ages and that simple bystander CPR techniques, if quickly implemented, can definitely save lives. Using creative and cost-effective techniques, the Foundation is educating an increasingly broad audience.”

- Bobby, board chair

“I'm a survivor! I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of San Diego airport. Thanks to the fast actions of an emergency room nurse, a doctor, and harbor patrol, I'm celebrating my 5th year of new life!”

- Survivor

“What a wonderful group of SCA survivors and loved ones! So glad I joined!”

- Rachelle

“I became involved with the SCA Foundation last year after responding to a cardiac arrest call with my fire department in Penn Hills, PA, where the crew successfully utilized an AED to resuscitate a 63-year old man who had collapsed after dinner on Christmas night. Seeing first hand that quick CPR from a neighbor, quick defibrillation by the FD, and advanced care from responding paramedics really works -- it was clear that community education and training truly can make a difference. Doctors and researchers have worked decades to provide tools to save lives -- but perhaps the most important tool -- awareness -- is being provided by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. By providing community education and awareness, the SCA Foundation is making a difference worldwide in saving lives.”

- Nick, EMT and volunteer

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation excels in providing informative material and a network across the United States and around the world for those cardiac arrest survivors and their families who have dealt with sudden cardiac arrest. It is a fantastic resource for advocacy, news reporting, community, and outreach and has outreach that encompasses people across the United States. We are fortunate to have this foundation in place for our family and now are actively involved in its growth to serve all of our communities with education, support and giving for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.”

- Volunteer

“I became involved with the SCA Foundation after losing my mother to SCA. I had no idea at all about cardiac arrest. Everyone needs to be informed. There is such a short window of time for CPR.”

- Heather

“I represent Project Heart Start, a movement in New Mexico dedicated to the education of every capable person to be trained in CPR and the use of AEDs. I have contacted the SCA Foundation to explore ways to partner with them and found them to be very passionate and open to discuss options. I believe that our organizations complement one another and that we can work together on a larger scale in the future.”

- Dorothee

“I can't begin to convey how much our organization benefits from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation's work. Their National SCA Survivors Network not only provides a unique and vital service to people who have survived a sudden cardiac arrest, but the data they maintain has helped my organization understand where we can get the largest return on our efforts in teaching Bystander CPR and AED use and in guiding the placement of Automated External Defibrillators in the community. The SCA Foundation is also a valuable information resource. We frequently refer partners in other states to the foundation's AED resources - laws, suppliers, how-to's. Of particular help in educating the public are their resources for writers and editors: there has been a gradual improvement in the quality of reporting in the area of heart attacks and cardiac arrests. I'm donating, and so are several of our volunteers!”

- Bob, volunteer

“Great support tool for SCA victims and families. This proves that we are not alone on our return from an SCA. Keep up the good work!”

- Randy, survivor

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation does an outstanding job of raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. Furthermore, the foundation helped me succeed in my senior project of learning more about sudden cardiac arrest and putting it into action by helping me set up an EKG screening. I definitely had a life-changing experience volunteering for the foundation last year and it made me even more aware of how SCD affects lives.”

- Alyssa, volunteer

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is an organization that has done a remarkable job of raising awareness and saving lives. It is a great resource for education, prevention, and support. Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest have found a community of caring individuals at SCAF who go out of their way to assist survivors and their families in better understanding what SCA is and what it means to be a survivor! Sadly, not as many members of the general population are as aware of SCA as they should be. Many families come to the SCA Foundation searching for education about SCA because they have lost a family member or friend to this condition. The loss is without warning ("sudden") and can strike any person at any age at any time with never a previous hint of heart disease. How can you help? It’s important for laypersons to undergo training in CPR and AED use because emergency personnel cannot always get to the victim’s side quickly enough. If you haven't taken a CPR-AED course, it's a good idea to spend some time learning these fundamental lifesaving skills. One of the most common reasons SCA victims do not survive is that bystanders hesitate to call 911, start CPR and use AEDs right away. If you want to save a life, get involved. Your actions can only help.”

- Lorraine, volunteer

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is an excellent resource for people who have suffered cardiac arrest and their family and friends. People from all over the world have found this group on the web and joined its membership—demonstrating its importance and relevance. The personable and passionate leaders make this nonprofit successful.”

- Kelly, survivor and physician

“The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation serves the public in so many ways. It offers support to those whose lives have been affected by sudden cardiac arrest. Survivors and rescuers alike are honored by this organization for their amazing stories. The community serves with numerous educational opportunities, financial support advice, and their endless drive and determination to place AEDs everywhere. I was first introduced to this wonderful organization in 2003 when my 17-year-old son saved the life of a man at a high school basketball game with an AED. That is a day we will never forget. Since then, the SCA Foundation and my son have formed a bond and work hard at educating all of the importance of AEDs in all public places. The SCA Foundation works so hard to fight for public access AEDs and is a vital organization to all communities. The price we would have to pay without an organization like SCA Foundation is a life, and no one can afford that!”

- Beth, member of the public