Posted by upright on 05/05/2020
Everything went right

I had a SCA on April 2, 2014 while at home with my wife. No previous symptoms except pain in my lower back just before the heart attack/SCA/V-fib/tach. We live 5 minutes from the hospital. I had to be shocked 4-5 times at home, ambulance and at the hospital. But, 4 days later I was out of ICU and hospital and started rehab, with a year-long road ahead but minimal brain damage (some intolerance to overstimulation) and was hiking 6 months later, etc. I have heart damage as shown by echo and stress test recently but it was what occurred 6 years ago. I work part-time (psychologist) and have a great life, especially compared to the other 18 of 20 people like me who are not with us anymore or suffer with significant physical and emotional sequelae. I was 3 weeks shy of 70 years old when it occurred (a big surprise party was planned by my kids and wife - I sure screwed that up :))