Lightweight AED Created by Former CIA Member

I recently came across this article discussing a new light-weight AED named "Elliott." With many current AEDs weighing 3-4x or even more than the 1.3lbs Elliot AED, it would see the uses for this AED could be vast. The article specifically mentions the creator's interest in having one for his… Read More

Emergency telecommunicators need access to a community AED registry

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) telecommunicators are a critical link in the cardiac arrest chain of survival. Placing the proper tools in their hands can improve outcomes. “911. What’s your emergency?” - "My friend just collapsed. We’re at the CVS on Main Street.” “Is your friend conscious… Read More

20 years ago...

Later this week I will be able to say that it has been 20 years since I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. This last week of the year is always one that hits me with mixed emotions, emotions that I always keep to myself. The happiness I should feel for being the one survivor out of 20 cardiac… Read More

Lost and scared

It looks like this is the second post I've done and I don't even remember doing the first one. Thank you all so much and hopefully this time I will remember to come back and check more often. This is all too fresh for me to write a lot but I just wanted to say I love my husband of over 30 years… Read More

AED Donation in Harrisburg

I love seeing this--more stories of AEDs being placed through partnerships or creative efforts of various organizations. Worth a share! If you aren't familiar with AEDs… Read More

My little brother...

At 9:35 AM on August 8, 2020, I received a panicked phone call. It was my dad telling me it was an emergency and my brother Carlo had collapsed while playing pickleball at a local park. All I heard were the words "seizure" and "injured" and they were driving to the hospital. Due to Covid-19 rules… Read More

Advice for spouse feeling so lost and scared

My husband is only 54-yrs-old and was in pretty good shape. About two weeks ago he called me from the desk at the ER and said he wasn't feeling well and it is highly unusual for him to go to an ER so I was worried and went straight away. I was close by the hospital so went directly there and was… Read More

My Dad's Story 7/17/2020

Hey All, So my dad seemingly suffered a SCA on July 17th after running the mile with the soccer team I coach. He finished the mile, was walking around, and then he was down. Within a minute or so we realized he wasn't getting oxygen and we started CPR while another bystander called 911. We did CPR… Read More

Florida amends its AED law relating to AEDs placed at school athletic events

Florida has for some time had in place a law requiring AEDs on the school grounds of Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) members. The governor recently signed legislation amending this law. Under the updated law:  FHSAA members must have an operational AED on school… Read More

Connect with other survivors and families

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Network™ is an online community for sudden cardiac arrest survivors, families affected by cardiac arrest, lay rescuers, and other advocates. The Network enables community members to create profiles, post blogs and comments, find others with similar experiences, provide… Read More