A father's wish, a bioethicist's dilemma

A Johns Hopkins University faculty member recounts the agonizing decision he had to make for a parent unable to communicate with the world. Dad was in the middle of making coffee when his heart stopped. From the next room of the house they shared in San Antonio, his new fiancée, Robin, heard the… Read More

We support SB 1135: California Youth Heart Screening Pilot Program

In the name of all California’s youth stricken by sudden cardiac arrest, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation whole-heartedly supports SB 1135: California Youth Heart Screening Pilot Program to protect California’s young hearts. As reported by the National Emergency Medical Services Information System… Read More

Survivors and loved ones are invited!

The Oregon Chapter of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is hosting a Cardiac Arrest Survivor Meet-up this Saturday, May 21st at 11:00 am PST via Zoom. The theme of this meet-up will be the impact of our cardiac arrest on our loved ones. Survivors and loved ones are invited to attend. For… Read More

23 extra years

A. J. Caliendo survived sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in 1999. I first met him in 2003 when the University of Pittsburgh National Center for Early Defibrillation (NCED) hosted a gathering of survivors in Washington, D.C. I was proud to help launch NCED’s National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor… Read More

Finding the will to live in a pandemic: SCA survivor finds philosophical answer during shutdown

I will never forget how clear that April was. Tooling around town on my electric kick scooter brought a major smile to my aging face under a Florida sun that wasn’t just bright; it was effervescent. Small city streets and neighborhood avenues gave way to deserted byways that bisected orange groves… Read More

Sam Crockell's Story

I found this and was touched by it. I thought it would be worth sharing with more folks that visit this site and blog. Brief overview taken from https://emergacenter.com/sam-cockrell-sca-survivor/ : "He’s strong and built like an athlete. He works hard in his role as a Mechanical Engineer in… Read More

Hoping for a better year

I woke up to my husband in cardiac arrest - heard the agonal breathing. I couldn't wake him up. I called my son who lived down the road, thinking "He will come wake Dad up." The call went to voicemail. I called my daughter, who lives right up the road, "She will wake Dad up." She and her husband… Read More

Last 2 days to participate in cardiac arrest caregiver and family member survey

There are two days left to participate in an online cardiac arrest Caregiver & Family members survey, and to enter into a raffle for $25. A total of 100 participants will be selected at random on January 3, 2022.  We have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of… Read More

Almost lost to a fluke?

They tell you to eat healthy. I eat organic. They tell you to exercise. I ran the 2019 NYC Marathon. They tell you not to be overweight. I am athletic and fit. They tell you not to do drugs. I don’t, and yet my body reacted like the body of a cocaine user. So, what do I do when the unexplainable… Read More

Caregivers invited to participate in Columbia University research study

We have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of researchers at Columbia University in New York in a NeuroCardiac Comprehensive Care for Caregivers & Families (N4C-F) survey. This effort is being led by Dr. Sachin Agarwal, Assistant Professor of Neurology and… Read More