Hoping for a better year

I woke up to my husband in cardiac arrest - heard the agonal breathing. I couldn't wake him up. I called my son who lived down the road, thinking "He will come wake Dad up." The call went to voicemail. I called my daughter, who lives right up the road, "She will wake Dad up." She and her husband… Read More

Last 2 days to participate in cardiac arrest caregiver and family member survey

There are two days left to participate in an online cardiac arrest Caregiver & Family members survey, and to enter into a raffle for $25. A total of 100 participants will be selected at random on January 3, 2022.  We have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of… Read More

Almost lost to a fluke?

They tell you to eat healthy. I eat organic. They tell you to exercise. I ran the 2019 NYC Marathon. They tell you not to be overweight. I am athletic and fit. They tell you not to do drugs. I don’t, and yet my body reacted like the body of a cocaine user. So, what do I do when the unexplainable… Read More

Caregivers invited to participate in Columbia University research study

We have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of researchers at Columbia University in New York in a NeuroCardiac Comprehensive Care for Caregivers & Families (N4C-F) survey. This effort is being led by Dr. Sachin Agarwal, Assistant Professor of Neurology and… Read More

Registration is now open for the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit!

Registration is officially open for the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit 2021, Dec. 7-10 in beautiful, exciting San Diego.   As Program Chair for this year’s Summit, it’s been a thrill to work with some of the brightest minds in resuscitation to create a multi-day program that offers insightful and… Read More

Proof that a mandatory AED can save a life

We read with interest your story on the successful life-saving efforts by Loyola Blakefield’s training staff as well as two doctors of freshman lacrosse defenseman Peter Laake (”Loyola Blakefield lacrosse player doing OK after on-field scare on Friday,” April 17). What made the save possible was… Read More

Be AED Aware: The Basics

Let’s get practical. We all need to face the fact that most of us have to think twice before giving an answer to the question, "What’s an AED?" It’s just not in our thoughts most of the time. Thank goodness that SCA events are relatively rare; yet we need to remind ourselves of their possible… Read More

Lightweight AED Created by Former CIA Member

I recently came across this article discussing a new light-weight AED named "Elliott." With many current AEDs weighing 3-4x or even more than the 1.3lbs Elliot AED, it would see the uses for this AED could be vast. The article specifically mentions the creator's interest in having one for his… Read More

Emergency telecommunicators need access to a community AED registry

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) telecommunicators are a critical link in the cardiac arrest chain of survival. Placing the proper tools in their hands can improve outcomes. “911. What’s your emergency?” - "My friend just collapsed. We’re at the CVS on Main Street.” “Is your friend conscious… Read More

20 years ago...

Later this week I will be able to say that it has been 20 years since I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. This last week of the year is always one that hits me with mixed emotions, emotions that I always keep to myself. The happiness I should feel for being the one survivor out of 20 cardiac… Read More