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CALL-PUSH-SHOCK (CPS) is a national educational campaign, co-sponsored by Parent Heart Watch (PHW) and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCAF), designed to motivate bystanders to call 911, give CPR and use AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).

CPS was developed in response to an appeal from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), now the National Academy of Medicine, urging collaboration among stakeholders to help improve OHCA survival.[1] One of the ways to do this, according to the IOM, is for organizations to speak in one voice with clear, consistent messaging that drives bystander understanding and intervention.

The campaign is based on research conducted for SCAF by StrataVerve (SV), a global consumer research firm. Two studies conducted by SV, with thousands of respondents across the U.S., explored public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest[2] and effective messaging strategies.[3]

Campaign assets include a landing page,, and a user-friendly toolkit that features a simple definition of SCA tested among laypersons, an infographic, images created for Facebook and Twitter, videos of “man-in-the-street” interviews, and a social media calendar with suggested posts. Anyone may use the generic versions of these assets, however, there is a minimal fee for customized assets. The logos of organizations paying this fee are also listed on the CPS landing page. Assets are available in English and Spanish.

PHW and SCAF jointly launched the campaign in June 2018. By October 2018 there were 20 co-partners. By October 2019, there were 35 co-partners. Campaign results were reported in 2019 at the American Heart Associaton Resuscitation Science Symposium,[4] the National Cardiac Arrest Collaborative Town Hall, and the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit. (See related news release.)

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