Posted by how01e on 02/14/2022

I found this and was touched by it. I thought it would be worth sharing with more folks that visit this site and blog.

Brief overview taken from :

"He’s strong and built like an athlete.

He works hard in his role as a Mechanical Engineer in Southern Alabama. And enjoys his life with wife Olivia.

But behind that seemingly normal appearance is a story of survival. A life forever changed.

Sam was once training to become a professional triathlete. But those dreams had to put aside after surviving not one but two Sudden Cardiac Arrest events. He is alive today because of the quick thinking of a trained individual who administered CPR and an AED.

Today, his mother Amy runs Hearts for Athletes. She seeks to promote both primary and secondary SCA awareness measures. And save future lives like Sam’s."

I hope others take the time to read the full story. It's quite amazing and I am challenged by this young man's perseverance. From what I can tell, it sounds like he has continued to live as fully as he can--overcoming fear and physical setbacks along the way. Encouraging and timely as we all face similar questions related to the current pandemic.

Obviously the importance of knowing CPR, having CPR kits and an AED machine are highlighted. Time and time again we see that this combination can change someone's life.