2023 Newsletters

September 28: October is National SCA Awareness Month. Seven myths about SCA that may be contributing to low rates of intervention by laypersons.

September 8: New Damar Hamlin PSA set to kick off a lifesaving football season

August 25: You can save a cardiac arrest victim’s life even if an ambulance arrives in two minutes

August 11: Understanding sudden cardiac arrest in young people. Cedars-Sinai investigators have identified rare genetic variants.

July 28: Bronny James reportedly recovering from sudden cardiac arrest. The on-site team reportedly used a nearby AED.

July 14: NPR's unbalanced story on CPR has done a disservice. A message from Board Chair Henry Jampel, MD

June 22: Resuscitation after on-field cardiac arrest should start with teammates. CPR drills for athletes should be part of a team's emergency action plan.

June 8: Heart advocates unite during National CPR-AED Awareness Week. Together, spread awareness of SCA, CPR and AEDs.

May 11: Join the Third Nationwide CPR-AED Awareness Rally & March scheduled for June 2-3 in Washington, D.C. Help raise awareness during National CPR-AED Awareness Week.

April 28: No association between OHCA and COVID 19 vaccination. Australian study, largest of its kind, published in Circulation.

April 13: The New York Times reports on AEDs in the home. AEDs save lives, but the use of personal AEDs is rare.

March 30: Access to AEDs Act introduced. Legislation would increase access to AEDs in schools.

March 16: From survival to survivorship: A new online community for people affected by cardiac arrest.

February 14: This is what cardiac arrest looks like. Why you need to know.

February 2: Five things to know about AEDs after a defibrillator helped save Damar Hamlin. AEDs provide the best chance for survival.

January 12: The case of Damar Hamlin: A teachable moment

2022 Newsletters

December 30: Thank you! We couldn't do it without you.

December 28: There's still time to make a difference. With your help, we will greatly expand our reach and impact.

December 15: Every gift counts. Just ask Susan.

December 7: Can we count on you? With your support, we will greatly expand our impact.

November 29: Help us help others. Consider a recurring monthly donation or a one-time gift today.

November 23: It's the season of appreciation. We are thankful for you.

November 10: Lucid dying: Patients recall experiences during CPR

October 28: Blacks, Hispanics less likely than Whites to receive bystander CPR

October 13: Seven common myths about Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What everyone needs to know about saving a life

September 29: Survivor Susan Koeppen pays it forward

September 8: Cardiac arrest survival rate rising. The probability of surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Sweden has more than doubled in 30 years.

August 25: FDA announces recall of nearly 88,000 implantable cardiac devices due to risk of serious injury or death. Medtronic initiated the recall after learning that devices were sending reduced energy electric shocks.

August 11: Psychological distress after sudden cardiac arrest and its impact on recovery. Columbia University researchers shed light on the need for survivor support.

July 21: Defibrillators added to FDA's list of device shortages. AED supply disruption reflects both surging demand and problems.

June 30: Remembering Dr. Guy Knickerbocker, CPR pioneer. It is estimated he has saved 25,000,000 lives.

June 16: Only six out of 10 adults feel comfortable taking charge and giving CPR. Less than half of all people who have a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital receive CPR.

June 2: Call-Push-Shock Partners urge the public to learn CPR and how to use AEDs to help save lives

May 26: Requiring CPR/AED training in schools can improve OHCA survival rates. Researchers found higher rates of bystander CPR/AED use in states with education laws enacted.

May 12: Drones to the rescue. Drone delivered defibrillators could save lives.

April 28: Recalled experiences surrounding death. More than hallucinations?

April 14: Can Sudden Cardiac Arrest be predicted? See the latest research!

March 31: The experiences and needs of families of comatose patients after cardiac arrest and severe neurotrauma. The perspectives of national key stakeholders during an NIH-funded workshop

March 3: AHA releases 2022 Heart and Stroke Statistics. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation provides summary.

February 17: AEDs are a crucial lifesaving tool. Why doesn't every U.S. school have one?

February 2: Three facts that can help save lives

January 13: A medical first!

2021 Newsletters

December 30: We are almost there.

December 28: Only a few days left

December 23: Make a difference today

December 17: And the winners are...

November 29, 2021: Help us improve the odds of survival

November 23: Counting our blessings and counting on you

November 18: Mary Newman receives AHA Resuscitation Science Champion Award

October 29: Think Halloween is scary? Consider Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

October 14: Help us honor those we've lost

October 7: Join our 15th Anniversary Celebration

September 30: Announcing National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

September 9: Drones to the rescue

August 25: Reminder: Caregivers and family members, there's still time to participate in the Columbia University research study

August 19: You're invited to the nation's premier gathering of SCA survivors, families and rescuers

August 17: How Covid-19 can affect student athletes' hearts

August 5: Avive Solutions unveils its new AED

August 3:  Caregivers invited to participate in Columbia University research study

July 27: Are you struggling to adjust after sudden cardiac arrest?

July 15: Lessons learned from the case of Christian Eriksen

June 10: Wisconsin Public Radio helps raise awareness

May 26: 21 years of memories that might not have been

May 25: CALME Study research opportunity

April 29: Proof that a mandatory AED can save a life

April 22: High school student, Kaitlin Ryan, saves her father's life on Tampa area golf course

April 14: Take a step for survival!

March 31: Understanding the value of AEDs at home

March 17: The Sixth Link

February 24: Together we can save more lives

February 10: Happy Heart Month!

January 27: Celebrating 15 years!

January 13: Happy New Year!

2020 Newsletters

December 31: Thank you for your support!

December 30: Your gift saves lives!

December 29: Let's save more lives!

December 23: Happy heartfelt holidays!

December 17: 66 years later, survivor is still going strong

December 4: Calling all survivors!

December 1: Three ways your gift makes a difference this #GivingTuesday

November 24: Counting our blessings and counting on you

November 19: Have extra CPR precautions affected survival?

November 5: Can genetic testing reveal more cardiomyopathies?

October 22: Taking cookie sales to heart

October 9: Join our fight against death today!

October 2: Help us kick off our campaign for SCA survival

September 24: A game changer?

September 10: What COVID is doing to the heart

August 27: Is sudden cardiac arrest really sudden?

August 13: Can college athletes compete after COVID?

July 30: Most adults with COVID-19 have heart damage after recovery

July 16: Broken heart syndrome on the rise during pandemic

June 30: Cardiac arrest cases surge due to COVID-19

June 18: Low COVID infection risk from bystander CPR

June 4: Organizations unite during National CPR-AED Awareness Week

May 28: Connect with other survivors and families

May 21: Home is where the heart is. Maybe an AED should be there too.

May 7: At-home cardiac arrests spike during Covid-19

May 5: Donate today, #GivingTuesdayNow, for a chance to win an AED!

April 30: #GivingTuesdayNow: Please save the date

April 23: The new pandemic threat

April 9 (2): This just in: CPR guidance during COVID-19

April 9: Mysterious heart damage befalling Covid-19 patients

March 26: How to reduce COVID-19 transmission during resuscitation

March 12: ACC issues COVID-19 clinical guidance

February 27: Don't call it a heart attack!

February 13: Sudden cardiac arrest survivorship: There's more to the story

January 30: AHA releases latest Heart & Stroke statistics

January 9: How to save 1000s of lives a year

2019 Newsletters

December 19: Announcing the winner of our People Saving People Award

December 5: Is the fate of cardiac arrest victims determined before EMS arrival?

November 21: Can you be sued for giving CPR?

November 6: Is physical activity always good for the heart?

October 22: How to save at least 14% more lives in a year

October 8: It's October: Time to take action

September 26: Can strategic AED placement save more lives?

September 10: This simple act is lowering sports-related sudden cardiac death

August 29: Sudden cardiac arrest in Chicago: No longer a death sentence

August 16: Predicting sudden cardiac death in children

July 30: Understanding the risks for sudden cardiac arrest among athletes — but not overstating them

July 16: Was sudden cardiac death due to an undetected heart attack?

June 25: Alexa, check my heart

June 13: Don't believe me? Just watch!

May 30: Are you part of this national movement?

May 16: Are airport body scanners safe for implanted cardiac devices?

May 2: The quest to double survival

April 18: Does consciousness continue after the heart stops?

April 4: New research shows this intervention saves lives

March 21: Cardiac arrest: third leading cause of health loss

March 7: Sudden cardiac arrest in young people...Why?

February 21: 70,000 additional lives saved

February 7: Shocking! Only 6% of cardiac arrrest victims are treated outside hospitals with AEDs used by bystanders

January 24: Want to save more lives? Let's speak with one voice.

January 9: Fixing the AED shortage

2018 Newsletters

December 19: Christmas: A High-Risk Time for Heart Attacks

December 12: 1,000 Reasons Why

December 4: Brothers, 7 and 10, Save Grandmother's Life with CPR

November 27: 1,000 Reasons Why

November 16: Dispatch-Assisted CPR: Improving the Odds of Survival

November 1: Researchers Discover New Marker to Assess Brain Damage After Cardiac Arrest

October 16: The Serious Fright Lurking in Our Communities

October 4: Call-Push-Shock To Save a Life

September 20: We Should Be Better Prepared. These Are Our Kids.

September 6: For the Love of Football

August 23: The Time to Act is Now

August 9: Screening Fails to Predict Most Heart Deaths in Young Soccer Players

July 24: A Vacation Could Save Your Life

July 10: Do On-Site Defibrillators Make a Difference?

June 26: Sudden Cardiac Arrest or Opiod Overdose?

June 19: Hey, Macarena

June 5: Imagine the Possibilities

May 31: Call. Push. Shock.

May 22: Exposure to Air Pollution Can Trigger Sudden Cardiac Death in Women

May 8: Unacceptable

April 24: New Guidance Issued for Treating Cardiac Arrest in Children with Heart Disease

April 12: Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Idiopathic or Under-Evaluated?

March 21: Wearable Defibrillator Reduces All Cause Mortality by a Third

February 27: Cardiac Arrest Survival Doubles When Bystanders Use AEDs Before EMS Arrival

February 15: A Save of Olympic Proportions

February 1: AHA Releases Latest Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

January 18: Cardiac Arrest Survivors Have Trouble Returning to Work, Social Life

January 4: The Year in Review

2017 Newsletters

December 29: Are You Ready to Go to the Wall?

December 26: Together We Can Save More Lives

December 21: Our Wish for You

December 12: Creating a Culture of Action

November 28: Why Are These People Smiling?

November 16: Sexual Activity and Cardiac Arrest

October 31: MRIs Predicting Neurological Outcomes for Survivors: Is This Game Changer?

October 17: It's Official!

October 3: Rocker Tom Petty Dies from Cardiac Arrest

September 19: Defibrillation: A Shocking Update

September 5: Nine in 10 Cardiac Arrest Victims Survive in Sports Centers Equipped with AEDs

August 22: High School Sports Safety: How Does Your State Rank?

August 8: 37 States and Counting...

July 25: How to Double the Number of Cardiac Arrest Survivors

July 11: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Want You!

June 20: Can Drones Improve Response Times for Cardiac Arrest?

June 6: What Nicole Kidman Would Like You to Know

May 23: Working Toward a National Cardiac Arrest Collaborative

May 12: You're Invited!

May 11: Walk the Walk

May 9: Can Sudden Cardiac Arrest Be Predicted?

May 2: Take a Step for Survival!

April 25: Have You Checked Your Defibrillators?

April 11: Are You Afraid?

March 28: Coffee, Cash and Cardiac Care

March 15: Sudden Cardiac Arrest A Show Stopper: Adele Interrupts Concert for Fan

March 1: Amazing Save Caught on Camera

February 15: 1,000 People a Day Suffer SCA in the USA

January 27: The Latest Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

January 12: Heads Up CPR: Can It Help?

2016 Newsletters

December 31: Have you been personally affected by SCA?

December 21: We're Finally at a Tipping Point

November 17: SCA Is Not on Consumers' Radar

November 10: Why Doesn't Everyone Do Telephone CPR?

October 27: The Aftermath of Cardiac Arrest Survival

October 6, 2016: Dispatcher Coaching Doubles Rate of Bystander CPR

September 21: Today's the Day!

September 16: A Superior Success!

September 8: Creating a New Generation of Lifesavers

August 30: You're Invited to a Superior Evening...Tomorrow!

August 24: You're Invited to a Superior Evening!

August 11: SCA Foundation Video to Debut on Big Screen

July 21: The Need is Great...It's Time to Act

June 30: FIrst Annual Fire on Ice Charity Classic a Success!

June 23: How Can a Healthy Young Person Just Drop Dead?

June 9: It's About Time

May 20: 32 States and Counting...

May 12: Two Days Till the 5K. Join or Support Our Team Today.

May 5: Take a Step for Survival. Join or Support Our Team Today.

April 27: Help Raise Awareness on the Day of Giving, May 3rd

April 21: National Academies to Hold Public Workshop on SCA

April 1: SCA vs. Heart Attack: What You Need to Know

March 17: March Madness: Wins and Losses

March 3: Flight Delayed? Take Five Minutes to Learn CPR

February 3: Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not be So Sudden

January 14: CPR Saves Lives: 2,500 People Just Told Us So

2015 Newsletters

December 28: You Can Save a Life. Donate Today. (See video)

December 21: You Can Save a Life. Donate Today. (See video)

November 19: HIghlights from AHA Scientific Sessions

November 5: Awake or Not Awake: That is the Question

October 15: American Heart Association Issues New CPR and ECC Guidelines

September 24: Saving Lives in Schools

September 4: CPR Isn't Always a Lifesaver, But It Plays One on TV

August 6: Loss of a Legend

July 23: Heel CPR: A Giant Step for Resuscitation?

July 7: SCA: The Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

June 19: How to Double SCA Survival Rate

June 4: 7 Things You Should Know About Sudden Cardiac Arrest

May 22: Keeping the Beat...A Capella Style

April 24: Middle-Aged Athletes and the Risk of Sudden Death

April 14: Let's Change This

April 1: Predicting Cardiac Arrest Hours to Days in Advance

March 27: Take a Step for Survival

March 10: The Most Significant Advance Since Defibrillation

February 5: Webinar Today on FDA Reclassification of AEDs

January 9: AHA Releases New Statistics on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

2014 Newsletters

December 31: Last Day to Give in 2014

December 23: Let's Change This!

December 16: One Celebration, Nine Families Planning Funerals

December 2: Help Raise Awareness | #Giving Tuesday

December 1: Help Raise Awareness. Go Shopping.

November 26: Thinking of You with Gratitude

November 21: Loss of a Hollywood Legend

November 14: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...

October 9: The Other Big Cause

September 25: To Screen or Not to Screen

September 10: The Rush to Save Joan Rivers

August 22: Institute of Medicine Takes on Cardiac Arrest

August 8: AED Readiness Project Aims to Save Lives

July 24: The Four R's: Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Resuscitation

June 26: ECCU: A Celebration of Survival

May 23: The World's Highest Survival Rate

May 13: You're invited! 

May 8: Walk the Walk

May 6: Today's the Day!

May 2: Racing Death: How Can Runners Be Saved from SCA

April 29: Two Ways You Can Help 

April 9: Simple Blood Test Could Predict SCA Risk

March 20: ECCU: A Celebration of Survival

March 7: Know a School That Can Use an AED?

February 26: Take a Step for Survival: Join or Support Our Team

February 20: Latest Stats: 1,000 People a Day Die from SCA

January 24, 2014: Young Survivor's Family Pays It Forward

January 9: The Top Scientific Advance for SCA in 2013

2013 Newsletters

December 31: Help Make a Difference with a Tax-Deductible Donation

December 28: Help Us Continue to "Make A Difference"

December 18: Making a Difference...With Your Help

December 3: Today's the Day!

November 27: Thinking of You with Gratitude

November 21: Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not Be So Sudden

November 7: SCA Foundation Recognized as 2013 Top-Rated Nonprofit

October 25: Survival Improves When Police Use Defibrillators

October 8: Bystander Saves a Life with Hands-Only CPR

October 3: Today's the Day. Please Take a Minute Now to Help.

September 30: Save the Date: October 3

September 20: Is Your Student Safe?

August 27: National AED Investigation Yields Key Insights

August 22: AEDs: A Shocking Shortage

July 30: Deadline July 31

July 24: Now That Was Easy!

July 12: Save Money, Save Lives

July 3: Save, Love, Give

June 24: Help Save Lives. Contact the FDA Before Midnight.

June 7: Will Voices Crying in the Wilderness Be Heard?

May 24: Seriously. You Deserve a Cape.

May 16: Raising Awareness about the Nation's Leading Killer: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

May 10: AED Industry in for a Jolt?

May 6: Just 12 Days Left!

April 30: Missing the Forest for the Trees

April 4: Support Our Team and You Could Win an AED

March 28: Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

March 8: It Takes a Village to Save a Life

February 15: Too Many Student Athletes are Dying

January 10: Dinner Can Wait

2012 Newsletters

December 28: Help Support Programs that Make a Difference

December 21: Seasons Greetings

December 14: We Wish You Peace

November 21: If Not For You...

November 16: Use of AEDs in the Home Saves Lives

November 3: Help Keep AEDs Accessible: Take Action Today

October 19: Four Recent Cases of Sudden Death on Campus

October 5: A Time for Joy

October 3: Thank you!

October 3: Today Is the Day!

September 28: Make a Difference on Wednesday, October 3

August 28: Discover Your Peers and Find Support

August 7: Vollmer Wins Gold Medal Despite Heart Condition

July 10: Honor Your Heroes

June 29: I Really Did Not Expect to Cry

June 5: SCA Survivors Unite!

May 24: It Took Six Months But We Finally Did It

May 18: Let's Go Team!

May 15: Life's Wonderful Moments and Milestones

May 11: Take a Step for Survival with Susan Koeppen

May 8: Please Join Our Team on May 19th

May 4: Will High Profile Cases Help Raise Awareness?

April 26: Take a Step for Survival: Join Our Team

April 6: If You Have an AED Are You Obligated to Use It?

March 20: UK Premier League Footballer Survives SCA

February 29: Join KDKA News Anchor Susan Koeppen: Register Today.

February 24: Calling All Survivors

February 14: Send a Last-Minute Gift