Katherine and Joshua Lupton
Katherine Lupton, MS, Ed, and Joshua Lupton, MD, MPH, MPhil

An estimated 2,200 people experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Oregon each year. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Oregon Chapter, SCAF-Oregon, aims to:

  • Form support groups for survivors and family members following OHCA
  • Coordinate celebration of life events to honor survivors of OHCA and their rescuers
  • Sponsor programs within communities to strengthen the chain of survival, in particular, citizen CPR and public access defibrillation
  • Sponsor programs and provide assistance to EMS agencies and hospitals with efforts such the as the Resuscitation Academy
  • Work with community leaders to enhance the uptake of efforts such as PulsePoint and PulsePoint VR to improve response to suspected OHCA in public and private locations
  • Lobby city and state legislators to develop infrastructure, create policies and pass legislation aimed to improve survival from OHCA.
Mohamud Daya, MD
Mohamud Daya, MD, MS

SCAF-Oregon is led by Katherine Lupton, MS Ed; Joshua Lupton, MD, MPH, MPhil, Clinical Instructor and Research Fellow, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU); and nationally renowned resuscitation researcher Mohamud Daya, MD, MS, Professor of Emergency Medicine, OHSU.

Dr. Lupton is not only a researcher who studies cardiac arrest: He has a personal connection, having survived OHCA while running in a half-marathon when he was a medical student at Johns Hopkins University. He wrote about his experience in an article published in Annals of Emergency Medicine.

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For information, contact SCAFOregon [at] sca-aware.org.