Walter Watts at HSI presentation, May 2015

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Speaker’s Bureau provides access to vetted speakers who are passionate about saving lives threatened by sudden cardiac arrest. We maintain a directory of inspirational speakers—including survivors, lay rescuers, and healthcare professionals—who are available to speak at conferences and company events.

The speakers provide messaging that is consistent with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation mission to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and help save lives.

We schedule pre-event calls between the conference planner or company and the prospective speaker to discuss the event’s theme, objective, and the message to be conveyed.

The Foundation charges a fee for this service, which varies based on the size of the company and nature of the organization (for-profit vs. non-profit). Speakers should be reimbursed for travel expenses. In addition, speakers may be paid directly for their services (to be negotiated directly between the speaker and the conference or company).

Following the event, we follow up with the conference or company with a survey to determine whether the speaker we recommended met their expectations.

For more information about securing a speaker or joining the Speakers’ Bureau, contact info [at]