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Since her cardiac arrest at 37, she urges everyone to know CPR

At 37, Mary Gordon was fit, energetic and healthy. She regularly pushed herself through workouts on a high-tech stationary bike and ran 5Ks. So she was at a loss to explain the fatigue she began experiencing. Shortly before Christmas 2019, she woke up feeling out of sorts. She stopped and rested several times while decorating her home for the… Read More

Doctors explain how COVID-19 could affect student athletes’ hearts

ORLANDO, FL-- As schools are getting back to full in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year, school sports are also making a comeback. But before your teen gets back to the swing of things, will you get your child the COVID-19 vaccine? A survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation says nearly one in four parents will definitely not. However,… Read More

Early epinephrine for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest may improve chances of survival

Later timing of epinephrine administration in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was associated with poorer chances of survival to discharge, regardless of presence of a shockable rhythm, but findings were not significant, researchers reported. According to data published in JAMA Network Open, although earlier epinephrine administration was… Read More

Join the widest array of resuscitation professionals and SCA survivors in San Diego

For people worldwide who are passionate about saving lives, the Citizen CPR Foundation’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit is a rare opportunity to learn, collaborate, and implement the latest resuscitation science across the full Chain of Survival.  This year’s Summit includes an incredible line-up of insightful sessions and workshops, hands-on… Read More

Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit: The nation's premier meeting place for survivors, families and rescuers

You’re invited! Join fellow SCA survivors, bystanders and resuscitation professionals and leaders at the Citizen CPR Foundation’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit, Dec. 7-10 in San Diego. This year’s Summit offers several days of engaging, insightful sessions and workshops, including a community-focused learning track: Community Strategies &… Read More

Out of hospital cardiac arrest: Past, present, and future

A review by thought leaders Thomas Rea, MD, Peter J. Kudenchuk, MD, Michael R. Sayre, MD, Ann Doll, and Mickey Eisenberg, MD, was just published in Resuscitation Advances in resuscitation following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) provide an opportunity to improve public health. This review reflects on past developments, present status, and… Read More

How do race, ethnicity affect risk of cardiac arrest?

Prospective study suggests unique differences and similarities in burden and risk factors in Latinx, Asian Americans and Whites In the first prospective study of its kind, researchers in the Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention at the Smidt Heart Institute evaluated sudden cardiac arrest in a Southern California community that included Latinx and… Read More

Avive Solutions unveils their new AED solution

This device is currently undergoing FDA review and is not commercially available for sale in the U.S. In a field as important as resuscitation, directly impacting hundreds of thousands of people and countless friends, relatives, and community members annually in the United States, it’s noteworthy that there has been limited innovation.… Read More

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia-American Heart Association Collaboration advances efforts to enhance pediatric resuscitation programs in Philadelphia

The Ferrier, Nicoletti and Peruto families donate $1 million to promote next generation of pediatric emergency cardiovascular care and resuscitation practices PHILADELPHIA, PA-- Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the American Heart Association have announced an enhanced collaboration to advance the next generation of pediatric… Read More

Are you or someone you know struggling to adjust after surviving sudden cardiac arrest?

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is working with New York Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry on research related to the aftermath of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival. The study was originally restricted to survivors in the tri-state region, but has now been expanded. Researchers at New York State… Read More