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CPR training offered to just over half of surveyed Ontario high school students despite mandated training

Just over half of surveyed Ontario high schools reported providing CPR and AED training to students despite being mandated by the province to provide training for the lifesaving technique, according to a new study by Unity Health Toronto researchers.  The study, published Monday April 12, in CJC Open, surveyed elementary and high schools from 15… Read More

COVID-19 tied to spikes in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests

An international study that identified a dramatic increase in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) preceding and paralleling the COVID-19 pandemic suggests that OHCA is yet another example of the virus's myriad multisystemic effects and a signal of upcoming community surges. In the observational study, published today in the Lancet's … Read More

What Covid means for the athlete's heart

For sports fans across the country, the resumption of the regular sports calendar has signaled another step toward post-pandemic normality. But for the athletes participating in professional, collegiate, high school or even recreational sports, significant unanswered questions remain about the aftereffects of a covid infection. Chief among those… Read More

Unloading groceries, he found his wife on the ground not breathing

Lynn and Kent Wiles spent the morning running errands together. The Oregon couple shopped for groceries, stopped by the bank and picked up items at the hardware store. Once home, they were bringing in bags from the car. Lynn had stayed in the kitchen to put away a couple perishables while Kent went to get the last few bags. With everything in… Read More

Remembering a champion of the lifesaving cause, Richard Perse

We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Richard Perse, who passed away March 17, 2021 surrounded by his loving family. Richard, president of HeartSmart, Inc., was a passionate champion of the lifesaving cause that we share. Richard and his wife Nancy, a cardiac nurse, were inspired to action by the sobering statistics… Read More

The Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation announced today it is enhancing the ACT High School CPR and AED Program with an Opioids Overdose Response Training Module

Support through a contribution from Health Canada's Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP) will enable the ACT Foundation to expand its Ottawa pilot of the opioids awareness and response training to hundreds of high schools across Canada, empowering thousands of students every year. Ottawa, ON--The ACT High School CPR and AED Program is well… Read More

CPR training strategies in times of COVID-19

Traditional, instructor led, in-person training of CPR skills has become more challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research just published in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine compared the learning outcomes of standard in-person CPR training (ST) with alternative methods of training such as hybrid or… Read More

Unequal Technologies promotes March 25th as Commotio Cordis Awareness Day

GLEN MILLS, PA--Unequal Technologies, the leading provider of customized and concealed sports protection gear, is advocating for the date of March 25 to become Commotio Cordis Awareness Day. The Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation has partnered with Unequal Technologies and other organizations to encourage parents and athletes to learn about and… Read More

What to consider when using an AED

Provided by our partner, Defibtech Automated External Defibrillators help save lives! They are meant for anyone to use them. There are a few things you should consider when using an AED.   All AEDs should have a rescue kit with them. The rescue kit will include a CPR mask, a razor, scissors, wipes, and gloves. Here is why you might need to use… Read More

Understanding the value of AEDs at home

Early defibrillation is the most useful intervention in patients with a sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). It is well known that access to automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in the public arena has transformed the likelihood of surviving sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Unfortunately, most people don't arrest in a public location like… Read More