Posted by DawnLynn on 10/22/2020

It looks like this is the second post I've done and I don't even remember doing the first one. Thank you all so much and hopefully this time I will remember to come back and check more often. This is all too fresh for me to write a lot but I just wanted to say I love my husband of over 30 years so much and I need my best friend to come back to me! I don't understand why the hospital will not be more understanding knowing that when he wakes up after a month of being in a coma he might want to see his family if I can't be there for him because of this COVID not allowing visitors. I miss him so much and I just want my best friend to come home, ❤ I don't think I can do this without him


Submitted by klwilson on 12/14/2020


I am so sorry you both are having to face this apart. I cannot imagine, although I do not remember anything from my SCA, coma, coming out of it, talking with family, being discharged I have zero memory of it all. I don't even remember my husband being there, it is horrible to say but it is the truth. I was more scared when I started remembering things and asking a ton of questions over and over and over. Just keep praying or what ever it is that you do spiritually and he knows you are with him. Prayers to you an d your family, this is a scary thing to go through during a very scary time.

Submitted by TheMan419 on 01/19/2022


I am so sorry you are going through that. I was alone when I came out of the coma too. I do not remember much if anything of the first few days after I woke up. My wife tells me we facetimed and talked frequently, which I am sure happened. I was in the hospital for 16 days and saw my wife for ONE HOUR during that time. It was tough and awful - for both of us.