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The Small Town AED That Could

H .R. “Butch” Gibbs – Humeston, IA – 55 at the time of the event (April 2, 2004) Butch Gibbs can tell you that, with a little effort, big things can be done in small town America. In 2003 Butch and his wife Susie, a registered nurse, applied for a grant from a federal agency that helps small, rural towns… Read More

A Daughter's Premonition

Gene Johnson, New Brighton, MN – 63 at the time of the incident (September 11, 2002) On the first anniversary of the most tragic event our nation has ever experienced, Gene Johnson of New Brighton, Minnesota, nearly suffered his own personal tragedy—he almost lost his life. Just before suppertime on that fall afternoon, Gene was laying new sod… Read More

Calling All Heroes - SCA Foundation Announces Call for Nominations for "People Saving People" Awards

March 26, 2008–PITTSBURGH­–The SCA Foundation has established an annual award program to honor "ordinary" people with extraordinary heroic spirits who help save the lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The People Saving People awards will recognize members of the public whose lifesaving actions have made the difference between life… Read More

They Froze Me

Lisa Byers with her son BraxtonIt was June 6, 2005 and hairdresser Lisa Byers, 41, was giving a skin care presentation to women at an insurance agency in Temple, Texas. “Suddenly I sneezed and I just did not feel well. I excused myself, flipped out of my chair and just fell over,” she said. There was an automated external defibrillator (AED) on… Read More

New York Legislature on a Mission to Save Lives

March 25, 2008­–SCA Foundation­–If legislative activity in the New York State Assembly related to the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is any indication, there is growing awareness here that victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) deserve ready access to this lifesaving treatment. At least 15 laws and one administrative code… Read More

Save at the Heart Walk

Paul Hamel, 68, was simply trying to support the American Heart Association’s 2001 “Heart Walk” fundraiser in Texas. He had no idea what was about to unfold. Since he had taken a stress test and had been cleared by his physician two weeks before, he figured it would be okay to run—rather than walk—to the finish line. And so he did. “… Read More

SCA Survivors: A Growing Tribe

Young SCA Survivors From left, Brett Taylor of Texas, Paula Opheim of Indiana, Catherine Silva of California, and James McCooey of New York In the time it takes you to read this section, several Americans will die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Most likely, dropping dead will be the first indication of a serious heart condition. Friends and… Read More

A Heart Too Good to Die

Carolyn Whitehead –Norwich, CT – 47 at the time of the event (October, 2002) The nation’s #1 serial killer strikes every few minutes, and whilst not gruesome, the result is frightening carnage. Carolyn Whitehead was the lucky one in 20 who did not die. There was nothing wrong with Carolyn’s heart, then or now, however she… Read More

Shock Number Five Kept Him Alive

Dick Bylund – St. Louis, MO – 50 at the time of the event (1993) Sometimes it’s better to break the rules. If a young paramedic in Freemont, CA, had followed procedures to the letter, Dick Bylund wouldn’t be alive today. Dick was attending his son’s football game at Mission High School in Freemont when he collapsed, a victim of sudden cardiac… Read More

What About “Going Toward the Light”?

A.J. Caliendo – Pittsburgh, PA – 49 at the time of the event (June 2, 1999) A.J. Caliendo’s two biggest complaints about his sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) episode are that he put in a lot of hard hours rehearsing his first ever community theater play only to be sidelined after one performance, and that he feels he was cheated out of that long… Read More