Long-term side effect make living hard

Long-term side effect make living hard

10 years ago after I suffered from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and was without oxygen for 11 minutes, I woke up from my medical induced coma with little visual side effects. I was able to breath, talk, and walk within my 11 day hospital stay. When I got home I would suddenly lose strength in my legs and arms after I woke up. When I talked to my doctor they sent me to a neurologist. After a few tests, I was told they didn't know what was wrong and since they couldn't do an MRI because I have an ICD there was nothing they could do.

Today my symptoms are worse. I still have times when my legs and arms lose strength and I can't move or talk. This usually occurs when I am a active. I walk like a drunkard. I can't balance or stand on one foot. I can't remember words and I use words in the wrong context. I have bipolar II which I did not have before. My short term memory is horrible. Just typing this is hard because I am forgetting words. Spell check is my friend. I went to the neurologist last week and he said that if these symptoms are from the brain damage there is nothing we can do. I have to go take an EEG to see how bad it is. I am only 36 and I am scared if this keeps getting worse what is going to happen to me. I tried to get disability but was denied after 10 months of waiting and paperwork. I don't have any test that proves I have these problems. I feel like I am fighting this invisible disability with no help.

I just want to be normal again and that will never happen. 10 years and I am still having trouble accepting that I can not do things like I use to. I feel useless because I can't work more than 12 hours a week or else I will faint or be bedridden. I am lost and worried. I just want to be better.

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SCAFoundation wrote 10 weeks 5 days ago

Thank you for reaching out

Dear Amanda,
We are sorry to hear you have been experiencing so many challenging problems since your cardiac arrest. We invite other survivors to share their experiences and support.
Best wishes to you!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

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jlalonde wrote 10 weeks 5 days ago

Hi Amanda, I am so sorry for

Hi Amanda,
I am so sorry for the way you're feeling. It sounds horrible and lonely but I want you to know that not only am I here for you but you have a full network that's here for you. While she didn't have an SCA I think I know someone that you might be able to relate to in some of the things you're going through. If you feel comfortable with it, you can email me at jamielalonde726 [at] gmail [dot] com and I will share your story and information with my friend Elle. You can also feel free to just email me to vent. I'm so glad you're here and want to say one more time that I'm here for you!


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