Posted by Mahamohanna on 01/06/2018

I am a wife to my wonderful husband, a 78-year-old at an increased risk of SCA. He suffered a heart attack 35 years ago left him with stable but low 32% efficiency. He lately developed VT, only one occurrence 29 seconds long. His cardiologist recommended an implant defibrillator ICD but he is refusing and does not want to add complications. I am scared for him. I went and received my CPR training and I want to buy AED for home. We travel a lot so we will take it with us. I am new to this site am looking for recommendations. Where and what should I consider a good option for a home use AED?.......thanks


Hi Mahamohannah!
Don't know if you're still looking, but here goes! I had just recently inquired about refurbished AED's and SCA put me on to ENERSPECT for refurbished AED's that are very reasonably priced.
Don't know if price is such an issue for you, but thought you might want to know!