Hygienist's CPR saves heart-attack victim after wreck

Hygienist's CPR saves heart-attack victim after wreck

By Terry Evans
tevans [at] star-telegram [dot] com

Star-Telegram / Ron T. Ennis

Dental hygienist Julie Watson looks over debris outside the dental clinic where she works on Bryant Irvin Road. Watson is credited with saving the life of a heart-attack victim who slammed his car into the clinic.

FORT WORTH — A dental hygienist is credited with saving a heart-attack victim's life after the car he was driving slammed through the wall of the dentist's office where she works.

Julie Watson performed CPR and used an automatic defibrillator on the man after he was pulled from his vehicle and placed on the ground outside Dr. Gary Pointer's dental clinic on Bryant Irvin Road.

The man was driving south on Bryant Irvin about 8:05 a.m. when his car crossed a pair of northbound lanes, plowed through a brick-and-wood fence at the entrance to Dance Concept, and scattered bricks and other debris as it crossed Manhattan Drive and smashed through the bricks into a hygienist's room in the northwest corner of Pointer's clinic.

Another hygienist, Jessica Weyman, said she was walking to the room and was less than three steps away when the car came through the wall.

It penetrated only a few feet, but destroyed the hygienist's chair and other equipment.

Emergency medical technicians who arrived moments later told Weyman that that Watson saved the man's life.

The man was transported to an area hospital. No information on where he was taken or his condition is yet available.

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