Posted by HCPC30 on 02/04/2021
My older brother becomes a kid after survival

My older brother is only 32-years-old. He has been my hero my whole life. He had a cardiac arrest about three weeks ago at home. The people around him didn't know how to perform a CPR so he got the proper medical aid only after ~10-15 minutes. The heartbeat was restored about 30 minutes after that. Being in a deep coma after three days, his eyes opened and his breath became normal. After two weeks, he was transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit. He is now awake and able to speak.

It is a miracle that he could survive. But now he behaves like a child. He speaks a lot, refused to eat, gets angry easily and wants to go home. He seems unaware of what has happened. Also, he cannot do simple calculations, such as 2+3=5. He remembers everyone: his wife, daughter, me, my parents, etc. CT scanning shows that the brain looks normal.

Has anyone ever experienced this? The doctors don't tell us much...everyone is already very happy that he is awake, but also frustrated by not knowing what to expect...