Posted by Sudden Angel Wing on 07/25/2020
13 years later I realized I had survived sudden cardiac arrest and had been unaware of it.

Hello, my name is Angel and I would love to help spread awareness of cardiac arrest, for I too was ignorant about what had happened to me after being beat up and beat in the face (left eye area) over and over again.
I never went to the hospital, and it took me 13 years to realize that the gasping noises a witness was talking about that I was making when unconscious from the blows to the head.... I finally discovered that I had sudden cardiac arrest, and remember dying.
There is much more to the story, and I need help getting it out.
I realize now that all of the struggles I deal with are related to this injury. I have troubles focusing, finishing, starting, and remembering things.
I was barely 18 when this happened and now at 31 I realize my life has been a state of lacked conscience, awareness and fog.
The one that assaulted me was never even charged/persecuted/ arrested or had consequences for their actions, nor the witnesses that watched and did nothing.
Please help to share this story.