Posted on 09/10/2010

PITTSBURGH--A workshop for survivors of sudden cardiac arrest and their families, and medical professionals will be conducted on Dec. 8, 2010 in San Diego, prior to the Citizen CPR Foundation’s biennial conference, the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update. The physical and psychological issues many survivors experience will be discussed and resources will be provided. Participants will also get tips and best practices on the survivor/family role in advocacy and support of initiatives and strategies to bring awareness to policymakers and the general public.

Presentations will include:

       The survivor experience, pre-SCA and post-resuscitation

       Life after death: what we can learn from survivors of sudden cardiac arrest

       Working with survivors and families to raise awareness about SCA and "pay it forward"

       The psychosocial aftermath of SCA on survivors and families 

Speakers include Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil; Bobby Khan, MD, PhD; Vince Mosesso, MD, EMT-P; Mary Newman; Eva Serber, PhD; and Jeremy Whitehead.

The forum will be presented by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, in collaboration with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association. For more information: