Posted on 04/12/2011

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition, an ad hoc coalition of more than 40 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a common interest in preventing death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), has elected new leadership. The 2011 Co-Chairs of the Coalition, Lisa Levine, President of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA), and Mary Newman, President of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCA FDN), will lead the Coalition in pursuit of its mission to work collaboratively on federal legislative and regulatory initiatives that influence greater public awareness, funding for research, and improved access to lifesaving therapies. 

In October 2010, the Coalition, under the leadership of 2010 Chair Alice Lara, of the Sudden Arrhythmia Death (SADS) Foundation, called upon Congress to "move the needle forward on making sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) a reportable condition."  More...

The Coalition will plan additional initiatives this October, during National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month.

Member organizations of the Coalition's 2011 Steering Committee are:

  • American College of Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • Children's Cardiomyopathy Association
  • Heart Rhythm Society
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association
  • Mended Hearts
  • Parent Heart Watch
  • SADS
  • SCAA
  • WomenHeart.
Coalition membership is open to U.S. nonprofit organizations that support the mission of the Coalition. For more information, contact info [at]