Posted on 12/12/2010

iRescU App

There are numerous smartphone and mobile computing device downloadable applications (apps) openly available for CPR instruction, real-time coaching. However, a scientific interdisciplinary approach to the development of an accessible, user-friendly, widely disseminated, and effective app is limited. 

A global interdisciplinary international team of experts in emergency care, public health, media technology, interface design, and human factors conducted a review of 22 English language apps identified a number of beneficial characteristics including:

  • App size under 1 MB
  • No cost to end user
  • Effective on multiple smartphone operating platforms.

Nadine Levick, MD, principal investigator, presented the literature review, plus information about iRescU, during the Citizen CPR Foundation's biennial conference, the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update on December 8-10 in San Diego. The iRescU app, a prototype CPR/AED (automated external defibrillator) guidance and locating app and cloud system data platform, features a two-way data capture system, automatic identification and calling of the appropriate global emergency number, real-time coaching, and the location of the nearest AED. The app is configured for infants, children and adults and adheres to the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. In addition, the app records data for research purposes. 

The app is expected to be made available for free downloading on multiple smartphone platforms by mid 2011. The project is a result of collaboration among three nonprofit partners: the Emergency Medicine Foundation in New York, the First Aid Corps in Singapore, and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation in Pittsburgh, and multiple team members worldwide. 

For information about supporting the iRescU project, contact Mary Newman at mary.newman [at] For more information about iRescU, click here. To download the iRescU brochure, see attachment. For a related story, click here.



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