Posted on 05/08/2014

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Runyon Sports Complex in Pueblo, CO, two field managers were prepping a baseball field using "squeegees" to push water off the infield after a rain storm. This complex consists of seven baseball fields where many tournaments are held all summer. A 67-year-old man came to help from the stands and suddenly collapsed in arrest.

Matt Graham, one of groundsmen, immediately phoned 911 then began CPR; he directed a person to the front of the complex to meet EMS crews to be able to bring them in quickly to the correct field within this large complex. The other manager, Dennis Downs, ran about 100 yards to where their AED is located near the concession area and returned with it to the victim. In 35 seconds, he removed clothing, prepped the chest, placed pads, the unit analyzed and he delivered the shock. When EMS crews arrived, the victim had a blood pressure and was breathing on his own. He underwent successful cardiac surgery and is now home recovering.

I wanted to nominate them as I am very proud on how well both these lay rescuers responded in this highly stressful event. They did everything perfectly and a man is alive to prove it. I am the AED specialist who implemented their program and trained them and this just reinforces what I do.

Also, the irony is that the baseball tournament that day was in memory of a man who died nine years ago at a tournament in Denver and his son was in the stands to witness the "save".

Nominated by Richard Perse, Arvada, CO