Posted on 05/15/2014
Survivor Kathleen Miles and Nominee Travis Ederer

2014 Nominee  Travis Ederer

Survivor Kathleen Miles, Orcutt, CA – 57 at time of event (2010)

Location of event – Home

On September 25, 1973, my heart truly started. At the age of 20, I gave birth to the most amazing son, Travis. The fullness and love was all encompassing almost more than my body could contain.

Then again on September 25, 2010 (37 years later), my heart stopped and was restarted by my son. I was brought back to life not only by my son, but on his 37th birthday.

This is my story.

This is how the day unfolded, as I was told, since I have no memory from two weeks before until a few days after my release from the hospital. 

My husband Craig, my nephew, his wife and I were in the truck leaving to meet my son and his family for a birthday lunch celebration. I apparently said, “I feel faint” and was promptly gone.

Both Craig and my nephew called 9-1-1 then my son, as he lives nearby and is a paramedic. Travis arrived, thankfully, before AMR (our rescue ambulance) and stated in no uncertain terms that I was dead. The three of them moved my body from the truck and Travis started CPR in the driveway of our home. CPR worked as long as he didn’t stop, but each time he stopped, my heart stopped again. Upon the arrival of AMR, I was intubated, with Travis’ help, and shocked a few times, but I was unstable and was not sticking around.

Eventually on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, the third shock kept me stable enough to arrive alive at the local ER.

After hours in the ER and subsequently numerous tests, it was determined that I did in fact have a healthy heart and had had a sudden cardiac arrest.

Gratefully in CCU they put me in an induced coma and cooled my body down, and I was left that way for about a day and a half. Eventually I was moved to another room and discharged seven days after my arrival.

Fast forward to March 2011. On my birthday, my son again surprised me with an unusual gift--a video of myself in CCU, both in the coma and upon waking. What a gift! It was difficult and emotional to see myself in that state, but as Travis would know, I would want to be a part of it and see all that went on.

Whether or not he is selected for your People Saving People award, my son, Travis, will always be my HERO and I find it so amazing that 37 years earlier I gave birth to Travis and 37 years later he gave my life back to me.

Thank you Mijo. I love you always and forever...

Nominated by Kathleen Miles