Posted on 05/08/2014

I would like to nominate my employer Cheryl Powell, as my rescuer for the People Saving People award. Without the quick response of my friend dialing 911, I would not be here today. My name is Marilyn Inductivo and on April 30, 2011, I died. Thanks to the phone call that Cheryl made to 911, the Carmel, CA, emergency medical team was able to start the rescue process and I was then transported to the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, where they were still trying to revive me. I was in a coma for seven days. I was not expected to make it, but because of the rescue team, starting with Cheryl, the EMT of Carmel, the nurses, coctors of CHOMP, and of course the many prayers that were sent to me by my friends and family, I can see my future ahead.

I wish I could nominate everyone involved! But to me the one that stands out in my eyes is my employer Cheryl Powell.

Nominated by Marilyn Inductivo, Marina CA