Posted on 11/27/2021

Survivor: Melissa

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Destin, Florida

Zane Friels
Zoey Friels

On March 15, 2021, my daughter was riding her bike with her cousins Zane and Zoey, while on spring break. Melissa was hit by a car and was sent into the air and landed on her head on the pavement.

Zane rushed to call 911, while Zoey called home to let us know what just happened. When we arrived at the scene, the ambulance was already there.

Melissa was rushed to the hospital just in time to be rushed into surgery for a severe brain injury where they had to remove half of her skull.

Today, Melissa is ready to be sent back to Houston where she will go into rehab. If it wasn’t for them, Melissa wouldn’t be here today.

Submitted by Lisa Friels