Posted on 11/10/2019

Survivor: Mari Arnett

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Breckinridge, CO ski resort

Chase Reynolds

While on vacation at a resort in Breckinridge—my husband and I had been there for a day and my son and his wife arrived for the weekend—we poured glasses of wine and all sat on the balcony to enjoy a crisp fall day! I took one sip and in mid-sentence with my daughter-in-law, I slumped over. She called my son and he immediately checked me and started CPR within a minute. He kept going for seven minutes, with my husband breathing intermittently (unnecessary as we found out later, but he couldn’t help himself). My daughter-in-law was on the phone with 911 and manned the door for managers, paramedics, etc. at the resort. A woman came to help with CPR, for two more minutes until paramedics arrived. They took over and used the paddles two times to get my heart started again, then transported me to the local hospital. I was then airlifted to a cardiac hospital in Denver, where I stayed the week and made a complete recovery. The doctor reported the stats for SCA, and totally credited my son as the reason I was alive and completely okay. He said I was a miracle. I’m so grateful! Our family’s take away is: CPR training for all! Even though nine ribs were broken and there was some damage to my spleen and liver that later healed, I was alive and healthy. I went home a week later with my very own defibrillator and pacemaker implanted. On the date, for two years now we celebrate my son, his wife and my husband! I’m very grateful for life—and for my son!