A Heart Too Good to Die

Jeremy has published a book called A Heart Too Good to Die - A shocking story of Sudden Cardiac Arrest This suspenseful true story of modern day reanimation shares the shock and grief of life's fragility. It also describes, in layman's terms, the medicine of survival and the miracles required. It… Read More

Legacy of the Lost

Our children all died suddenly. Their hearts just stopped one day. One minute they were with us— Then taken swift away. We pray they are in heaven, Just waiting for us there. And though we know this in our souls, The loss is hard to bear. We never knew… Read More

Calling All Survivors!

Are you someone who beat the odds and survived sudden cardiac arrest? Would you like to help other victims survive? Join the SCA Survivor Registry™, the nation’s first online registry for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survivors. By joining the registry you can find others who have been through… Read More

SCA Survivors: A Growing Tribe

In the time it takes you to read this section, several Americans will die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Most likely, dropping dead will be the first indication of a serious heart condition. Friends and relatives may be told that their loved one suffered a "massive heart attack." More likely,… Read More

The Game

Dedicated to the guys who brought me back How do we die and why? Do we die slowly or all at once? Is it better one way over the other? I died all at once Didn’t even have time to think about it. My death came on a… Read More

A New Tribe: Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCA survivors, may your tribe increase! (And may those less fortunate rest in peace.) Let your stories be told throughout the land, Till the people hear and they understand: Cardiac arrest doesn’t have to kill. It CAN be conquered, if we have the will. With greater access to defibrillation… Read More

Lament for the Lost

I am submerged in sorrow.  Facing the computer, entering figures  Into a database on cardiac arrest,  I have come to know the cadence of death.  Time of collapse? Not witnessed.  Bystander CPR? No… Read More