Posted by SCAFoundation on 04/17/2007

SCA survivors, may your tribe increase!
(And may those less fortunate rest in peace.)
Let your stories be told throughout the land,
Till the people hear and they understand:
Cardiac arrest doesn’t have to kill.
It CAN be conquered, if we have the will.
With greater access to defibrillation,
We can save so many throughout the nation.
Right now you are the fortunate few—
Thanks to people who cared, who knew what to do.
But the time is coming—and this we know—
When your tribe is bound to grow and grow.
When the people start to understand,
The survivor network will surely expand.
We know the answer, we must shine our light—
Till everyone knows to do what’s right.
Survivor network, may your tribe expand
Till survival becomes the law of the land!”

Mary M. Newman, 2004