Posted by juliej on 01/05/2022

I woke up to my husband in cardiac arrest - heard the agonal breathing. I couldn't wake him up. I called my son who lived down the road, thinking "He will come wake Dad up." The call went to voicemail. I called my daughter, who lives right up the road, "She will wake Dad up." She and her husband both came right down. I called 911 immediately after calling my daughter, and was coached on how to begin CPR, after first pulling my husband onto the floor from the bed. Our 7-year old granddaughter had been spending the night with us and woke up to me giving CPR to her "Papa." The whole experience left me numb, shocked and scared. Thankfully my son-in-law, daughter, and others were CPR certified and helped me to save my husband. He is currently still in the hospital dealing with the effects of anoxia. We remain in limbo. It has been a horrific experience.