Posted by breedlcw on 12/14/2016

Sudden cardiac arrest did not become real for me until 2008 when my high school track coach passed away. Due to feeling nauseated, he stayed in for the night to rest and never woke up. SCA had claimed another victim. The auditorium for his wake was standing room only. His impact on so many generations of kids was profound. My quest now is to remember his legacy and be an influence on survival rates for SCA.

This past February, I joined whose service initiative is to increase AED awareness among communities. Their mission is to make access to AEDs truly public and verified ready with crowd sourced data. The problems they have pin pointed are AEDs are not ready for use due to neglected maintenance or they could not be found in time to support an emergency. wants to correct that with an initiative to geo-locate every AED in the country, verify their readiness, and place on a map accessible with their smart phone app, AED Registry. You can download this app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The app allows anyone and everyone to capture a picture of the AED they found, enter a location, and pin that AED to a live map. This live map will be shared with county EMS agencies nationwide at no charge. This way, 911 Dispatch can direct callers to the most readied AEDs or lay rescuers can pull up the app to see the AEDs nearest them.

My question for anyone that reads this is how do you recruit others to such an endeavor who may not place the same level of importance upon it?

Chad B.