Dr. Ray Fowler

Chief, Division of Emergency Medical Services, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas, Texas

Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, is Chief of the Division of Emergency Medical Services in the Department of Emergency Medicine, where he is Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, Health Professions, and Emergency Medical Education.

He has been involved in EMS as a leading educator, author, medical director, and political advocate for almost four decades, being widely-regarded as an outstanding lecturer and a public leader in the field of EMS. He served as President of the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians and as a perennial member (since 1980) of the State of Georgia EMS Advisory Council.  He was a founding member of the National Association of EMS Physicians, the subspecialty organization for Emergency Medical Services, where he served as the association's second elected President. He was also co-founder and senior faculty member of the National EMS Medical Director's Course for 25 years.

In addition to his work in EMS, Dr. Fowler has been a practicing emergency physician for some 37 years, during which time he has also served as an emergency department medical director and manager. Today, he remains one of the most popular and respected emergency physicians of his generation and a legendary leader in medical education and clinical quality improvement efforts.

In October 2013 Dr. Fowler became the first physician at UT Southwestern to successfully challenge the new subspecialty boards in Emergency Medical Services Medicine, offered under the auspices of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

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