Posted by Rocky on 08/24/2016

Hello fellow SCA survivor's and ICD recipients!!

The 25th Anniversary of my SCD will be this December. To commemorate this achievement, I will be walking over 500 miles on - the centuries old spiritual pilgrimage trail - the El Camino de Santiago, starting in France, and ending at the sea in Spain.

I was 33 yrs old when I experienced my initial SCA, and spent 47 days, in 2 hospital, and 3 different states. I experienced temporary blindness ,and lasting visual impairment as a result of oxygen deprivation to the brain. Like many of you, it is a miracle we are alive.

Back in 1992 there was no literature that dealt with the psychological impact of adjusting to this life changing event, so I wrote the book titled SUDDEN DEATH: A Survivor's Story, that was published in 2000. For about 2 years I was honored to be a guest speaker at various medical venues across the country, where I shared my unique experience with medical professionals ,and ICD recipients.

We have come along way since the '90s and early 2000's! And thank goodness for ICD support groups!!!! But there is still lots to be done.

So, I am reaching out again. I want you to know that I am walking these 500 miles to inspire myself and others to take action, and know that no matter your circumstances you can create a quality life! As part of my personal pilgrimage, I am taking this opportunity to bring awareness and support to 3 non-profit organizations that have helped improve my life and countess others. I have created a Facebook page - where I am posting my preparation and progress. If you're like to read more about it, please visit my page. And In conjunction with my walk, for folks that might be interested in readying my back story, the e-book copy of SUDDEN DEATH is now available on Amazon.…

Once you read it you will know why I am embarking on this great personal journey! I leave for my walk on September 6th, and have planned 6 weeks to walk the trail. I invite you to come along, and please share your insights and comments with me.

May the light and love be with you!
Sincerely, Rachel Smith


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Congratulations on celebrating your survival from sudden cardiac arrest in such an inspirational way. We wish you success on your journey!

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